Tracking your employee referrals can be quite time-consuming due to a lot of manual work. This manual work can also come with the risk of losing important information and data about your candidates and your employees that refer to these candidates.

With the use of Talkpush and its new integration with Typeform, you can now lessen the manual tasks of the recruitment process and have your candidates reached out automatically!

Setting up this employee referral system can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Create a bucket campaign for employee referrals and set the campaign as a Single Time Engagement campaign.

📌 Reminders when setting up Employee Referral campaigns:

  • For the campaign description, you may add necessary information that the candidates might need to know about your company.

  • Ensure that the message settings are set up right, especially the invitation for the referred candidate to push through with their application

  • You may request the candidates to upload their CVs through the question settings

2. Compile the list of questions to be asked regarding the employee referral (these will not be placed under the campaign questions)

Here is a list of sample questions you can add to your employee referral form:

  • Referrer’s complete name

  • Referrer’s company ID

  • Referrer’s company email address

  • Referrer’s role

  • Referral’s first name

  • Referral’s last name

  • Which role/site they are referring the candidate to

  • Referral’s phone number

  • Referral’s email address

3. Request CSM to create a Typeform

  • You may choose between the classic Typeform or a conversation Typeform

  • The CSM will link the Typeform to the selected campaign via Webhooks

  • Once the setup is complete, the CSM can also generate a QR code that is linked to the Typeform

After following all these steps, you’re all set! You may start doing internal email blasts or posts on your company pages and all you’ll have to do is wait for your referrals to come in!

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