Today, our product team will be releasing a few more enchantments.

Here's what's new. πŸ‘‡

πŸŽ‰ New Tokens!

These tokens will further simplify the process of sending personalized messages! You can now begin shortening your messages by including the assigned recruiter's first name token in them, as well as including reasons for shortlisting and rejection in your automated messages.


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🏠 Remote Job

We piloted the remote-type jobs in February and are now launching them! You can create remote jobs with varying degrees of remote work to help you expand your talent pool in the new normal.


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πŸ“ Enhanced Job Location

With the assistance of Google Maps, you'll be able to specify your job's physical location easily. This feature helps ensure that all jobs have a valid physical address that Google Jobs and Facebook jobs recognize.


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Tokens Guide

This enhancement simplifies the process of locating tokens. The users can now retrieve tokens with a single keystroke and a description to assist them in determining their purpose.

CSV Import

Adding leads through a CSV file will no longer be a mystery. We've included a pop-up notification to inform you of the upload status. Additionally, each upload will generate campaign-relevant logs that explain why some candidates failed to be added.

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