This response status code indicates that the URL requested by the client is longer than the server is willing to interpret.

There are a few conditions when this might occur:

  • A client has improperly converted a POST request to a GET request with more than ≈2 kB of submitted data.

  • A client has descended into a loop of redirection (for example, a redirected URL prefix that points to a suffix of itself, or mishandled relative URLs),

  • The server is under attack by a client attempting to exploit potential security holes.


Should you encounter any of these errors while using the Talkpush CRM, please notify our team immediately through the following communication lines:

  1. Intercom - upon logging in to Talkpush CRM, click on the green bubble chat located at the left side bottom of the CRM

  2. Email - send an email to

  3. CSM - another option is to notify your CSM


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