Autoflow inbox movements folder is enabled for Autoflow actions. Setting up this configuration will be extra helpful with re-engagement strategies with cold and lost leads. Remember to visit this guide in case you need more information about Autoflow.

Start directly from the Autoflow tab in the Campaign Settings following the next steps:

  1. Click the Add Action button.

  2. This will take you to the “Add Action” screen, where you can select Inbox as the trigger folder.

  3. Once you click next, set up your criteria. Learn more about it here.

  4. Once your criteria are set add the action by clicking on "Add Action" this will populate a window on your right side showing three sets of actions: "Bulk Actions," "Send Message Actions, "and "Workflow Actions". Learn more about Actions here.

Key Features with Autoflow for Inbox

✅ Support campaign-level movements

This means that Autoflow can re-accommodate candidates from a specific campaign inbox folder to a desired one. For example, for a candidate who has not completed the pre-screening process but has added their location, you can set a rule to send this person to a specific campaign with that specific location. Or maybe move candidates uploaded (imported from CSV) from the inbox folder to hired folder.

✅ Activate send message functionality

As a recruiter, now you can send customized chase messages to the candidates in your Inbox using basic credentials (Email/Phone). For example, you can re-engage with your candidates in the Inbox automatically!

✅ Activate relative date operators

You can set operators relative to time, so you can manage to follow-up actions efficiently. For example, we can filter the inbox candidates that applied at the beginning of the quarter and set the rules to send them to a specific folder; let's call it Inbox for Q1.

✅ Support Delay Actions

Now you can delay actions. This way, you can promote chase messages efficiently. Let's be honest; we don't want to be receiving chase messages day by day; with this option, we can give a time frame to reach out to our candidates without being too clingy.

✅ Support Create an application

Now recruiters can support movement between inboxes. For example, we can achieve these goals by creating applications for different campaigns.

Candidates coming from Inbox might have incomplete data (missing candidate attributes). This will disrupt the other autoflow of other folders if they are missing, so we need to clarify that these configurations will not trigger if these candidate attributes are missing.

You can ask us for advice to guide you through the process; remember to ask your Account Manager to activate this new feature. Also, feel free to ask for training to facilitate the process.

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