November 8th to December 14th, 2018

  • The WhatsApp lets you engage your leads via WhatsApp and take over the conversation at any time
  • With the new landing page bot you can engage your leads directly on your website, it now also ships with support for buttons
  • Leads can now search jobs by location in the chatbot flow
  • Update to the notifications: Mark all your unread notifications as read with one click, be notified when a candidate is asking for help with the chatbot and when you've got an applicant that's been waiting for over 1 week to be processed
  • Sort the candidate list by last activity or the date the candidates were added
  • Clicking the select on the candidate list will now effectively select all candidates in the campaign, not just the displayed ones
  • The scheduler is now available in Spanish

Bug Fixes

  • * If candidates are in Inbox folder of an inquiry campaign and marked as Completed in a Job campaign, chatbot would reply to “status update” queries with something like this: “It looks like you haven’t completed your application yet for the role of “inquiry campaign title”. You’ll need to finish the application process before we can review it. This has been fixed to disallow the status of inquiry campaigns from appearing. Only job campaign statuses would be triggered.
  • Candidate’s profile will now only display Basic information and Interview responses. Other information data (which often contains sensitive information) will now be hidden from candidates’ view.
  • Chatbot’s hardcoded button “apply for another” was not triggering the right response from Dialogflow because the Talkpush bot is disconnected at that stage. This has been fixed.

October 26th to November 7th, 2018

  • The Messenger Chatbot now has a Refer a Friend button in it's menu
  • Search and filter by assigned manager, starred candidates or sources, with the updated search. The search has also undergone some performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Robocall is now supported on the new CRM interface
  • We display candidate profile images sourced from Jobstreet resumes now if available
  • The deleted folder is now supported on the new CRM interface

Bug Fixes

  • The scheduler now shows the right time zones
  • CSV upload should no longer mismatch column names
  • The referee token works again

October 15th to 25th, 2018

  • Empty state screens were added for when a campaign or folder is empty
  • Sending bulk messages will now reactivate the chatbot, while sending single candidate messages will continue to turn the bot off
  • After a lead submits an invalid response type for a second time, the chatbot will now automatically reply with the link to the Interview Landing Page and encourage leads to complete the interview process there. The leads contact details will already be prefilled and the form will only ask the pending interview questions.
  • v3 bulk messaging now has the Best Available Channel option which will send a message through the most recent channel of communication with a candidate
  • Improved the chatbots messaging in all languages to be clearer, friendlier and more concise.
  • Slight update to the design of the candidate profile action buttons and the folders
  • Audio transcripts are now properly displayed on the v3 candidate profile

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would let leads select Interview Scheduler time slots that we're not set as available in the settings
  • Clicking on a campaign in the campaign list will now open this campaign on the Leads screen
  • Resolved a bug where candidate answers would disappear on completed interviews
  • The No Campaign Invitation folder is not currently available on the v3 and will for the meantime not be displayed 
  • A series of fixes for the Spanish interface
  • Fixed an issue were the v3 would not send SMS reliably for Mexico clients
  • Adding an image and a resume when manually uploading leads is now working correctly again

September 24th to October 14th, 2018

  • Updated and improved our resume parsing on the backend
  • New Talkpush CRM: Now everyone can opt-in to use the new Talkpush CRM. the new features include:
    Notifications, real-time interface
    new powerful search & filter
    send emojis
    tagging team members in comments
    easily adding data on candidate profiles
    auto-complete suggestions for Quick Replies and Tokens
    export multiple campaigns at once
    export search results and folders
    export data from selected time frames
    re-export the most recent exports
    formatting on comments

    To learn more view here or check out the webinar below
  • Messenger Personas: You can now choose between having a single messenger profile displaying when speaking to the candidate via the Facebook Messenger, unified for the chatbot and recruiters or having the different profile images and names of the Talkpush users being displayed when sending messages from the CRM
  • The CSV upload of leads has been improved to let you store any kind of data on the candidate profiles. All additional columns inside a CSV file will now be added as data fields on the candidate with their respective values added as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Mostly fixes to prepare the launch of the new CRM
  • Updated Spanish UI for the new CRM


September 10th to 23th, 2018

  • If candidate submit an audio responses via the Facebook Messenger that seems to be empty, i.e. won't transcribe to anything, the candidate will be asked to re-record the response. This is only enabled for clients that have the transcription feature turned on.
  • A whole lot of updates on a future product release were added, stay tuned for announcements are soon to come.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a series of bugs on the Multiple Choice Questions
  • Fixed bugs on some custom landing pages
  • Fixed a bug where live calls would cut after 1 minute
  • UI fixes on the audio player
  • Fixed a bug related to SMS in the Dominican Republic
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