The Basics

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The Campaigns Tab

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The Leads Tab

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The Templates Tab

Create question templates & document collections in the Templates tab.

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The Analytics Tab

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The Company Settings Tab

Configurations for users with Owner Access

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Recruitment Hacks

Elevate your automated recruitment experience

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Candidate Experience

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New Features & Enhacements

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The Talkpush Glossary

Become a pro learning all the terms used in the Talkpush realm.

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Quick guides to assist your Talkpush experience. These articles are all linked in other sections.

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TalkScore is a game-changing solution for English proficiency assessments, cutting evaluation time from 30 minutes to just 2-5 minutes. Using AI to analyze six key linguistic parameters, it delivers quick and accurate insights into a candidate's language skills, making it an ideal tool for roles requiring fluent English, all within Talkpush's existing platforms.

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