How does one make a good impression in a virtual interview set up? Is it enough to have the skill, confidence, and experience?

As much as these are important to get the job, nowadays, candidates need to have more than just ‘employability skills’. There are other factors that companies deem as requirements, most especially for remote-work roles.

In this article, we give you a pro-tip that you can share with your candidates about internet speed, and how this can help you get the best-fitting talent.

🔑 Candidate Preparedness Is Key

More job seekers are now embracing video interviews. Thanks to technology, they get to save time and travel expenses. A video interview is still a face-to-face setting where they can express their job motivation, personality, and communication skills -- just done remotely.

So how can one ace a virtual interview? First and foremost, your candidates should check their internet connection. Some companies already require an internet speed test proof that they need to submit before moving on to the next stage of the recruitment process. This is now an added measurement of a candidate’s preparedness and willingness to take on the role, and as recruiters, we want to hire the right ones.

One free internet speed test checker we recommend is Candidates can go to this site, click on ‘Go’, and wait for the results. Here’s an example:

And as recruiters’ reference, this is how much internet speed is needed to ensure good internet connection throughout virtual interviews.

We wanted to share these as we don’t want you missing out on potential candidates over an internet connection. As much as possible, we want to help our candidates ace their interviews, whether in person or virtually, by letting them know some guidelines and expectations.

Next time you schedule a video call interview with your candidate, you can send this recommendation to them and check this prior to the video call.

*Some companies are asking for a screenshot of the internet connection results to make sure they will have a good video interview experience with their candidates.

You can add this recommendation in your auto-schedule calendar messages, to learn more click here.

Now that’s sorted, the rest is up to the candidate’s mental preparedness for the interview, job skills, and having the right tools. We sincerely hope this tip would help you find the best candidate, and we will keep looking for other best practices we can share with you. 😃

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