Are you tired of not knowing the status of your candidate imports? Things are about to change! We are adding a progress bar to the platform to monitor the upload process of the data you're bringing into Talkpush.

Meet An All-New Progress Notification Panel 🎉

We've designed this Progress Notification Panel to keep you updated on the status of your CSV imports. A set of indicators will guide you throughout each stage of the upload.




Green Chek


All the candidates have been uploaded successfully.

Red triangle with an alert symbol (!)

Completed with Failures

The upload has been completed, but some candidates were not uploaded.

Red circle with an alert symbol (!)


The import failed, and the candidates were not uploaded successfully.

Queued (As text)


The import is pending.

In Progress (As text)

In Progress

The import is being executed, and its progress is expressed as a percentage (1-100%).

Once an import has been completed, you will have three possible outcomes, as can be seen below.

When the upload Failed or was Completed with Failures, you will see a clickable "Download" text in green letters. Clicking the texts triggers a document download which contains the reasons why the uploads failed. That way, you can understand why it happens and determine if it's possible to correct it.

👀 And this isn't over yet,

New instructions in the Import CSV Tab!

Uploading a CSV file may be tricky at times, which is why we want to provide a more explicit description of the procedure under the CSV Import Tab, which will result in more successful uploads in the long run.

  • You can choose the Campaign from a dropdown list.

  • Select a source from the list or manually input one (this step is not mandatory).

  • And select the CSV file you wish to upload.

In the CSV Import window, you'll discover five stages that will walk you through the procedure and provide tips on avoiding making mistakes.

The CSV template also comes with an example set of data that you may use, such as this:

With these modifications, we're confident that importing batches of applicants will be a breeze. You'll be able to track and monitor the uploading status and use the new instructions to increase the success of manually added leads.

🤔 Do you have any questions? We want to help! 💚

You can chat with our Product Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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