So you've finally finished configuring the most genius Autoflow sequence ever, thus becoming a true no-code revolutionary. We bet you just can't wait to replicate all the goodness in other campaigns. The new Copy Autoflow Configurations feature allows for precisely that; copy Autoflows with a single click to duplicate entire automation schemes to new workflows.

Before getting started, let's remember these two concepts:

  • Parent Campaign: The Campaign where the Autoflow will be copied from.

  • New Campaign: The Campaign to which the Autoflow will be copied.

Here's how it's done

  1. Go to the New Campaign's Settings

  2. Click on Autoflow > Copy Autoflow Configuration

  3. Click Select Campaign to search for Parent Campaigns

  4. Select one or multiple Campaigns > Click Search

  5. Find the Autoflow you wish to copy > check its checkbox

  6. Click Copy Configurations

  7. Click Yes on the emerging Confirmation Window

What it can do

The Copy Autoflow feature can copy all the configurations from Parent Campaigns, such as:

  • Bulk actions

    • Assign Labels

    • Send Calendar

    • Send Assessment

  • Send Message Actions

    • Send Message

    • Send Email

    • Send SMS

    • Send Messenger

    • Send WhatsApp

  • Workflow Actions

    • Delay Action

    • Transfer Candidate (Move Candidate)

    • Create Application

📝 Things to know

  • Autoflow configurations with actions in a Parent Campaign are automatically updated to reflect the New Campaign.

  • Autoflow Configurations with actions that redirect to another Campaign (not the Parent Campaign) are preserved, and only the original Parent Campaign changes.

  • Autoflow configurations that include Custom Folders cannot be copied, as each Campaign has unique and excluding Custom Folders set up.

📚 If you're getting started or just want a memory refresher, check out our Autoflow Guide.

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