Error 500 is one of the most common website errors, which can happen for several reasons. If you encounter an error 500, please get in touch with our Support Team immediately.

Watch Perry from the Product Support Team in the video below to learn how to Report a Server-Side Error or if you'd instead read the steps, click here.

Here's what to do:

  1. Reach out to one of our agents through our Intercom chat service, letting them know you're experiencing an issue.

  2. Send through the chat the following information:

    • URL Link: Copy and paste the URL link into the Intercom conversation when the error 500 appeared.

    • Movement: Report what action you were performing before the error occurred.

    • Console Tab Screenshot: Take a screenshot of your Console Tab with the error in the background. Read below to learn how to retrieve it.👇

Console Tab Screenshot

  1. Go to Click the () menu on the right upper corner of your Chrome window.

  2. Go to More Tools > Developer Tools.

3. Click on Console and take a screenshot of the entire screen with the error 500 in the back.

⚡️ Extra step: If you want your report to be more thorough, send us a HAR File with the error, we'll love you even more for that. Click here to check out how it's done.

That's it! Following these steps will provide the engineering team with all of the information they need to quickly address and troubleshoot the error.

Most common server-side errors

Here's a list of some common 500 errors, if you want to get familiar with the terms.

Error 500 (Internal Server Error)

It’s a general-purpose error message when a web server encounters some form of internal error. For example, a web server overload can block requests for some time.

Error 502 (Bad Gateway)

This is a general indicator that there's something wrong with a website's server communication when this server is acting as a gateway or proxy.

Error 503 (Service Unavailable)

This usually happens when the system is overloaded or down for maintenance, it means there's something interfering with the access from the browser to the server.

Error 504 (Gateway Timeout)

In this case, the server is acting as a gateway or proxy server and is not receiving a response from the back-end servers within the allowed time period, thus the connection is blocked. Refreshing the page can be enough to fix this sometimes.

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