In this article, you will know what a Bulk Action URL is, its importance to users, and lastly, you will be guided on how to retrieve the URL.

The importance of the Bulk Action URL

A Bulk Action URL (or trail job link) is a link that shows the status of the bulk action made by the user. These bulk actions include sending messages, transferring candidates, and importing and exporting leads. This URL can be important, especially if you want to know which candidates' bulk action movement succeded. You can also share this link with your peers!

Note: Shared Bulk action URL can only be accessed if a user is currently logged in to the CRM.

How to retrieve a bulk action URL

Obtaining a Bulk Action URL can be done in three easy steps, or you may follow the video below👇

  1. Click the Progress Notification icon (next to the bell icon).

  2. Click the bulk action which you want to obtain the URL, (a new window will open).

  3. Copy the Bulk Action URL by right-clicking the URL and clicking Copy (or using Ctrl + C).

And that’s it! You now know how to access a Bulk Action URL in the CRM.

Want to learn more about the information on the bulk action logs? Read more here.

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