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How To Lose Your Candidates in 10 Ways: What Are We Doing Wrong?
How To Lose Your Candidates in 10 Ways: What Are We Doing Wrong?

Delivering Quality Candidate Experience Throughout the Recruitment Process

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In this article, we'd like to share with you 10 reasons why your candidates lose interest during the recruitment process and how Talkpush can help you turn this around. 🤩

1. Candidate Journey at a Snail’s Pace 🐌

Nobody likes a lengthy process. Candidates tend to lose interest and maybe considering other companies at the same time. By removing unnecessary steps such as back-and-forth scheduling of interviews, you can avoid losing candidates and will greatly improve the overall experience!

2. Where is the ‘Wow!’ Factor? 😲

Competition will always exist...and it has become tighter over the past year. While we are all doing things virtually, you may want to focus or improve on delivering the ‘Wow!’ factor in order to stand out. Leave a powerful impression by giving them the white-glove treatment. It means embarking on strategies that provide them with exceptional care and attention, and one key aspect is communication. More than getting them hired, this candidate-centric approach will turn candidates into ambassadors.

3. It’s Complicated 🤷🏻‍♀️

Don’t stress your candidates with complicated processes. Keep it simple and intuitive all throughout the recruitment journey. Start with an aesthetically pleasing job posting with all the key information, a quick and user-friendly pre-screening method, and a short but informative welcome email that tells them what to do next.

4. Poorly Written Job Description ✍🏼

It may be obvious, and yet, some still put out poorly written job descriptions. This serves as your first candidate filter, so it should be clear and complete. Highlight the most important information – minimum requirements, role and responsibilities, and company culture. Choose your words carefully, especially when you are targeting a specific candidate group.

5. Missing the Target 🎯

Losing candidates starts with not defining your target audience. In recruitment advertising, it is important to first establish what type of talent you’re looking for and what specific roles you need to fill, then work on building that audience to respond to your advertising efforts. Doing this not only saves time and cost but brings you closer to the right candidate fit.

6. If The Price Is Right… 💰

Compensation is important as it says a lot about the job and your company. Candidates usually know what they’re worth, especially top-level applicants, so be transparent with the job salary at the beginning and highlight benefits – such as working in flexible hours, bonuses, health insurance, etc. If your offers are too low, it is easy for your candidates to say no.

7. Don’t Call Me! 📞

Candidates don’t like getting caught off guard. Calling them without letting them know maybe inconsiderate and invasive for some, especially when you are calling those who are currently employed during their working hours. It is best to set a time for the interview, so both parties can prepare beforehand and focus on the agenda.

8. Sell The Job, Sell The Culture 💼

While a reasonable salary certainly attracts candidates, not everyone will say yes just based on that. They would also consider your company culture – and how you value your employees holistically. What other perks do you have? Does your company host team events? Do you encourage career growth and provide opportunities to learn new skills?

9. Show Up Late and You’re Dead 🏃🏻

Once an appointment is set, be prepared and show up on time. Candidates are taking time away from their current jobs or personal lives, so value it by not keeping them waiting. Being late and unorganized does not only affect your image as a recruiter but also the organization you are representing.

10. Forgetting Onboarding 🤝

The candidate's journey does not end when they sign the job offer. You need to maintain the same quality of experience up until their onboarding process. Improve retention and increase overall employee satisfaction by leveling up this part of the process – and in Talkpush, we can help you to do just that! Click below. ⬇️

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