ZipRecruiter is one of the most popular online employment marketplaces in the US that actively uses Artificial Intelligence to connect millions of employers and job seekers.

Since 2010, ZipRecruiter has helped over 1.8 million businesses of different sites to find great candidates and are rated #1 by employers in the US market. On average, ZipRecruiter has over 25 million job seekers coming to their site each month and has over 9 million active job postings available to search. 😀

⚙ How to configure it?

Step 1: Log in to your ZipRecruiter account. (Employer log in).

The user who logs into the account needs to have the capability to add new users. Remember, if you do not have a ZipRecruiter account, you will need to register your account with them directly. You will NOT be able to post in ZipRecruiter from Talkpush directly.

Step 2: Create a new user from your ZipRecruiter account. Go to My Account => Settings => Users.

Remember, you'll have to create a new account for each new campaign.

Step 3: In the upper right corner of your screen, you will see the “+ Add New User” button. Click on it.

Step 4: Fill out the “Add User” form accordingly. If your subscription plan does not include more than one user seat, you will need to purchase another user seat before adding a new user.

We recommend using a name related to the job title or the job location if your company has multiple sites. Keep in mind that you will need to create a New User for each campaign.

[How to link Talkpush to ZipRecruiter]

Step 5: Access your Talkpush CRM on a new tab and look for the campaign where you want your ZipRecruiter leads to be added. Once you find it, click the three dots on your right, and click on “Sourcing.”

Step 6: After that, scroll down to the Job Board section. Copy the inbound email address as shown below. Keep this email as you'll use it for the next step. (Inbound email address is unique for each campaign).

Step 7: Copy your Inbound email address in the box “Email Address”

Step 8: After you have filled out the form, scroll down to manage the new user's Access and Notifications Settings.

You must have access to “Real-Time”; “Resume Attachments” and “Message from Candidates/Chat Activity.”

Step 9: Once you’re done, click on the “Add User” button at the bottom of the page.

Once the user is added, they will receive an email invite to set up a password and log into their account.

Step 10: After you’ve created a New User in ZipRecruiter, you can now create your new Job Post in ZipRecruiter. Click “Post a Job” on the home page.

Step 11: Complete the information asked:

  • Job Title.

  • Job Location.

  • Employment type (Full time, part-time, etc.)

  • Job Description

  • Benefits

  • Hiring company

  • And an email where candidates can be sent to.

Remember to use your inbound email address to get the notifications.

Step 12: Once you are done, check the notifications are active and then click on “Post My Job Now.” And that’s it; you are done.

What happens next?

Talkpush allows you to engage with candidates coming from ZipRecruiter as soon as they apply using SMS. Our resume parsing engine captures the candidate’s phone number and will enable you to immediately send the candidate an SMS invitation to the next step of the recruitment process.

Why SMS?

SMS read and response rates are 5 to 10x more effective than email in this environment, giving you a significant edge on the competition. In addition, Talkpush offers you a new feature that can help you control your SMS consumption monthly or annually, and manage your SMS usage to help you figure out if your current SMS package requires modifications.

Follow-up options

You have a few possible next steps you can configure in the recruitment process to make the journey of the candidate an even better experience. For example, with Talkpush you can sync your calendar so the candidates who completed the first step of the process and need to be interviewed can choose the date and time where you are available according to your calendar. Saving you and the candidate a lot of time because you won't have to go through all this process and manually remind each of your candidates of their interview. If you want to learn more about this feature click here.

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