At Talkpush, we believe in creating collaborative partnerships to maximize your recruiting experience; this is why we offer a wide range of integrations that take talent acquisition to a new level, and Indeed is just one of them. So, do you notice we don’t settle for the best of both worlds? Instead, we want a multiverse of goodness for you!

Indeed is one of the most visited job sites of all time, 800k+ jobs are posted daily worldwide, and it has no less than 250 million unique visits per month. So, if you are not using this tool to give visibility to your job postings, maybe it’s time to give it a second thought.

First thing's first! Do you have your campaign's inbound e-mail ready to provide it to Indeed? If not, please click down below. 👇

We have two main paths to perform the integration, and with the e-mail at hand, you can decide which method suits your needs better.

✨ Here's how the magic works!

↪️ Method 1: Capturing Leads with Indeed

If you have a Job Posting ready on Indeed, you can capture the incoming leads/candidates to Talkpush. That means every incoming candidate from Indeed will go directly to Talkpush, prepared to be processed.

👣 Step by step to configure the integration.

  1. Go to Indeed Employers and find the job post you will integrate.

  2. Click on Edit Job.

  3. Find the section Setting up the application process > Edit.

  4. Paste Talkpush-s inbound e-mail into the section and check the option to send individual e-mail updates.

🔁 Method 2: Creating Job Boards & Capturing Leads with Indeed

If you want to import your Job Listings from Talkpush to Indeed and then import the candidates to Talkpush, you can do so using this method.

This integration scrapes all the Job Postings from Talkpush and lists them on Indeed's job board. When a candidate applies to a job, Indeeds sends Talkpush the information available in the application and the candidate's CV; the candidate will be visible in Talkpush's platform even before completing the Landing Page interview. Cool huh?

📋 To-do list.

There will be some things you need to set up before taking on the integration.

  • Have a sponsored Indeed account and use sponsored job posts.

  • Include Talkpush’s inbound e-mail in the job description (this is how we receive the data).

  • Configure your campaign type to Job Application. (Campaign Settings > Main Settings > Campaign Type > Job Application)

  • Set up a location and job description for the Campaign. Consider that you can only publish one campaign name for one location.

👣 Step by step to configure the integration.

  1. Contact your Indeed Account Manager and ask them to activate the Imported Job’s functionality (an Integration that posts jobs on Indeed directly from Talkpush’s CRM Software).

  2. Send your Account Manager the URL of Talkpush’s Job Listing website and the names of the campaigns you want to be posted on Indeed.

🚶‍♀‍ Candidate Journey 🚶‍♂️

This is how the candidate will experience the recruitment process using Indeed and Talkpush.

  • The candidate will find your job post through Indeed.

  • If the candidate likes your offer, they will apply for the position.

  • The candidate is contacted by us (AKA Talkpush) through an invitation e-mail or SMS.

  • The candidate will complete Talkpush’s pre-screening on the Landing Page.

  • Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

  • AutoFlow, or you will decide the candidate’s fate.

Remember that the key to attracting and hiring the best candidates is to connect with them as fast as possible; with this tool, you can do this within minutes. So, if engaging more candidates and expanding your talent pool is your dream, you are one step closer to making it happen with the help of Talkpush.

Remember your Customer Success Manager will always be there for you to support you with this process.

🤔 Do you have any doubts? We want to help! 💚

You can chat with our Product Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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