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Analytics: Communications
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Communications is the fifth section that you'll find in the analytics tab; it will help you and your team monitor the best communication platforms to use when reaching out to your candidates. This will also help you check what platforms your leads are using the most and give you an edge to reach out to them faster than your competitors.

In this article, you will gain insight into how to read and navigate through the different graphs under communications.

The dashboard includes:

General Communications Report

This dashboard shows us the General communication reports. Here, we can see the number of Communications, Successful Communications, Outbound Communications, Inbound Communications, MoM Messages Sent, and MoM Messages Received Received. This graph gives you an overall representation of your communication data.

Communication Count

This graph shows you the number of messages or calls sent, which can help you see the most used communication channels that your team and your leads use. In this graph, we can see Facebook messenger is widely used while SMS is used less. With this, you may adjust to what communication channels you may utilize and improve on. On the other hand, let’s say your SMS is widely used; you may also make adjustments by adjusting the SMS limit by contacting your assigned Customer Success Manager.

✍️ Tip: Hover the mouse over to the top left part of the graph to choose the best mode that works for you and your team. The default mode is “stacked” mode. To change the mode, you may click on the dropdown for “Mode” and then select the two other modes, which are the “Grouped” mode, and the “100% Stacked” Mode.


100% Stacked

Communication Source

This is a sunburst chart that shows you who sent the message and what type of message has been sent. As we can see in this graph the types of senders in the inner circle which is either sent by the bot, recruiter, candidate, or automated messages, and the channel in which the communication was sent can be seen on the outer circle may it be via email, Facebook messenger, or SMS.

Tip: You may hover over each block to get more information regarding the numbers.

Communication Status

This graph helps you to identify the messages that are sent successfully and the messages that failed to be sent. With this, you can pinpoint what went wrong, as well as if there are issues in communication, and check on alarming situations (Ex. why communications are not pushing through). In some cases, a possible reason why messages are not being sent, in some cases your team may go above the allotted SMS capacity.

Tip: You may hover over each block to get more information regarding the numbers.

Recruiter Distribution

This dashboard can help you and your team to track who sent the message. You can click on the tiles and it will filter the data and identify what the user sent. Here, you may also make certain movements within the team and see which recruiter has a higher communication load than the other.

SMS Messages Report

The SMS Messages report shows us the specific communication sent via SMS Messages. This displays the SMS Messages, segmented SMS, MoM Segmented SMS sent, MoM SMS Messages Received, No error segmented SMS, Error Segmented SMS, MoM No Error Segmented SMS, and MoM Error Segmented SMS.

Segmented messages are the messages sent per the 160-character limit. This data will help us gauge how much SMS we are consuming, and from here, you can do adjustments should you exceed the SMS limit.

SMS Message per type

This graph shows you the type of SMS message that your team is sending to the candidates. As we can see in this chart, there are several types of messages, namely, Completions SMS, which is the SMS type that is currently sent the most, followed by custom SMS, Invitation SMS, Shortlisted SMS, and Rejected SMS.

We can see in the graph that the lowest number of messages sent are the rejection SMS followed by the shortlisted SMS. These messages are crucial to the candidate journey of our leads and should be sent out properly. We may add autoflows that would ensure that these messages are being sent properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What do 'unique messages' refer to in the Recruiter Distribution graph?
    Unique messages pertain to “Sent” SMS.

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