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Analytics: Candidate Experience
Analytics: Candidate Experience

Candidates come first; learn how your candidates feel.

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Candidate centricity propels usability and reach. The Candidate Experience tab is the last section in the Analytics Dashboard. It gives you a visual and numerical perspective on how well our system works for your candidates.

In this article, you will learn how to navigate around the graphs under Candidate Experience. Remember that each section of the Analytics Dashboard has different filter options. Learn about filters and configurations here.

Chatbot: Time to Complete Pre-Screening

You can determine the average time a candidate completes the pre-screening process and completion method in this graph. The time is categorized into different time intervals.

This is what the graph looks like. By default, it’s on stacked view:

✍️ Tip: Hover through the part of the graph to see the numerical value. You can do this for all the graphs as well.

Here’s what the Grouped view looks like:

Here’s the 100% Stacked view:

Screened Candidates by Screening Method

Check which screening method works best for your candidates. You can determine the lead volume per screening method and the number of leads that did not complete the pre-screening here.

This is what the graph looks like. By default, it’s on stacked view:

Here’s what the Grouped view looks like:

Here’s the 100% Stacked view:

Applicant Experience

Know how your leads feel about their pre-screening experience. At the end of a completed pre-screening on a chatbot, applicants can rate their experience using stars, 1 star being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. ⭐️

The first is a bar graph available on a stacked view:

The second is a pie chart:

Applicant Feedback

In addition to the applicant experience, you can also track the applicant feedback and see what your leads say about their pre-screening experience. The candidates can give feedback after rating their experience where they are given multiple options to choose from:

✍️ Tip: Click on one of the options to filter out/remove that specific data from the graph.

Leads by the Time of Day

Determine the volume of leads that come in per hour. In the graph, “0” means 12 AM (midnight) continuing per hour until “23,” which means 11 PM. Here you can see the number of leads processed by Talkpush during non-working hours and days.

Applications by Day of Week

Know the volume of leads coming in per day of the week. The numbers 1-7 correspond to a day which is indicated in the legend.

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