Editable Candidate Source Field

The Candidate Source Field is Unlocked and Ready to be Edited!

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Modify and edit as a text field the source of your leads for more control and accuracy in your recruiting processes. This is what we're talking about: 👇

What you can do:

  • Matching the Source Field with the Sourcing channel and workflow of your integrations.

  • Updating the Source Field after the interview and once you have all the data you need.

  • Tracking the effectiveness of different sourcing channels through data analysis

    to develop brilliant sourcing strategies.

And don't worry, your previous data won't be affected by this modification; it will remain intact as it is now. So will all the actions dependent on it, such as Candidate Attributes and Filtering. Moreover, you'll be able to identify in the history log within the chatbox which user modified the source.

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