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Facebook Lead Ads

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With almost 3 billion users, it's no surprise Facebook is THE place to find qualified leads. If you're using Facebook Lead Ads to grow your talent pool, we've got great news! A new interface experience to manage and monitor your ads from Talkpush: The Facebook Lead Ads Manager.

How it works 🚀

The Facebook Lead Ads Manager allows you to visualize Lead Ads from your Facebook Business Manager page in Talkpush and connect them with your active campaigns with a single click.

The Manager is updated every 24 hours to reflect any new Lead Ad in the Facebook Business Manager. If you need to update immediately, you can click on the Synchronize button, and any new Lead Ad will be reflected on the list.

The Manager's interface consists of a central data table containing each Lead Ad's relevant information and a search box that allows you to quickly locate Lead Ads by name or ID. You'll be able to view a Log registry and download a CSV containing all incoming leads and their status in Talkpush.

The feature is available under Company Settings > Facebook Lead Ads, and users with Owner Access can access the tab.

About the Data Table

Let's dive into the Data Table and explore its details.

Lead Ad ID

This number belongs to the ID number of the Lead Ad. You can link multiple Lead Ads to one campaign, but you cannot link one Lead Ad to multiple Campaigns.

The name of the Talkpush user who last edited the Lead Ad will also be included, as well as a timestamp for when the movement occurred.


The names of the Lead Ads will be imported from the Facebook Business Manager once you've granted Talkpush access. Lead Ads that were uploaded through the Sourcing tab or before the feature release will be referred to as "Lead Ad".


This field displays the campaign to which a Lead Ad is connected. When a new Lead Ad is imported into Talkpush from Facebook Business Manager, an information message appears noting that the Lead Ad has not yet been connected to a Campaign.


The historic number of leads that were created in Talkpush. The Leads will be represented by the fraction x/y, where:

  • x: Succesful Leads

  • y: Total Leads Collected in the Ad


Four different statuses for each lead:

  • Active - The Lead Ad is connected to a campaign and has received at least one candidate in the last 30 days.

  • Silent - The Lead Ad is connected to a campaign but has not had traffic in over 30 days.

  • Connected - The Lead Ad is connected to a campaign, but it has never had traffic.

  • Disabled - The creation of new profiles in Talkpush is disabled (regardless of incoming leads from the Ads).

Additional Options (⋮)

The three dots menu supports three options:

  • Logs: After the feature release, all incoming leads from the Lead Ads will be logged. The Log registry appears as soon as one lead is imported to the platform.

  • Edit: The Edit option lets you link the Lead Ad to one of your active campaigns or change the current linked campaign.

  • Activate/Disable: Activate or disable the creation of new leads in Talkpush from incoming Facebook leads.

About the Log Registry

We'll keep track of all incoming Facebook Lead Ads leads in a registry; you can see the latest 100 leads in the Talkpush interface or download a CSV file with all the leads. Regardless of the campaign movement, the lead count in the Lead Ad dashboard will not consider whether the lead has already been moved or not. The dashboard shows all the “successfully” captured leads.

Inside the CSV file 👇

  • Status - Success/Failed.

  • Date - Date & time in which Talkpush receives the lead (after it leaves Facebook and moments before the Candidate Profile is generated in Talkpush).

  • Lead Gen ID - The unique identifier assigned to the candidate's Lead Ad form.

  • Contact Details - The candidate's name, email, phone number retrieved from the Lead Ad form.

  • Status Message - There are four status messages that indicate the successful creation of a Candidate Profile or why it failed.


Status Message


Application [Application ID] successfully created.


Duplicate - Sorry you already applied to [Campaign Name].


Candidate information is missing.


Candidate application already exists [Application ID of existent application].

📝 Note: The number of the CSV leads vs. the number on the central data table may differ; the logs display all the incoming leads after the feature release, and the numbers on the central data table, the historic count.

👉 How to Connect your FBM with Talkpush

  1. Select the Ad Account/s and then click Assign Partners

  2. Select Assign Partners by Business ID

  3. Enter Talkpush’s Business ID: 199476273751158

  4. Select Full Control Permissions (this enables Talkpush to read and connect the Lead Ads).

6. Let your Account Manager/CSM know after assigning us as partners. We'll escalate the integration to our development team to get you all set and ready.

🤔 Do you have any questions? We want to help! 💚

You can chat with our Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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