Using Quick Replies can save recruiters approximately 40% of their time while messaging candidates, storing message templates, and delivering customized messages to hundreds of candidates in minutes.

Setting Up Quick Replies

How to create/add a new quick reply?

1: Choose to manage the Quick replies option from the leads drop-down menu.

2: Select the "Add Quick Reply" option.

3: Use the Title box to label your short reply and the Message box to construct your reply.

4: And it's done once you hit the Save button.

📤 How to use it?

1: In the chatbox, click the expand/collapse icon to access the pool of pre-existing quick replies.

2: Choose the Quick Reply of your preference.

3: Pick the Channel in which you wish to send the message.

4: Finally, click the Send button to send your message.

📮 How to edit the existing quick replies?

1: Choose to manage the Quick replies option from the leads drop-down menu.

2: This will take you to a screen with a list of pre-existing quick responses.

3: Use the "search bar" to quickly find any existing quick replies that you want to edit.

3: Across the top of the selected fast reply, click the "Edit icon."

(There is a delete option next to it if you want to remove any existing quick replies.)

4: Update the quick reply content, and don't forget to click on Save.

✨Some Tips & Tricks

  • The recruiter can make custom messages to multiple candidates with the help of Tokens. Use the available token codes in the message box and add Emojis to make your quick replies more appealing and make the candidates feel special.

Click 👉 here to know the ultimate guide to tokens.

  • Here's a shortcut to add quick replies; by clicking on the three Vertical Dots, this will directly open the manage Quick replies page, where you can add, update, or delete quick replies from your company account.

  • The recruiter can save time by creating daily chase messages to multiple candidates. These messages can vary from re-engagement, assessment tests, follow-up, invitation, or completion that's utterly dependent on the user's requirement.

    Here's how you can do it,

  1. They can choose the profiles of the candidates.

  2. Then click on the send message option.

  3. Then, enter the message in the chatbox, which contains the required tokens, or click on the saved or existing template.

  4. Now click Send to send the message.

💡 Let's say, for instance, the recruiter wants to re-engage with the candidates of a particular campaign. In such scenarios, you can select the applicants to whom you want to send the Quick Message so that they re-engage with your job offer.

For example, like this message "Hello, <Candidate Name>, We haven't heard from you in a while; if you are still interested in applying for the position, <Job title>, click here to know more about it <Job landing page URL>, and you can complete your application here <Messenger interview link>, Thank you!

Click 👉 here to learn more about it!

That is all, and now you're a pro in using the Quick replies. 😎

Quick Replies is the best way to optimize the usual task of drafting messages, from sending them to candidates one by one to saving your time and letting you focus on the essential parts of your recruitment process.

Good Luck! 👍

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