On a daily average, there are around 200k unique job listings on Google available for job hunters in the US. Talkpush makes it easy for you to connect your job postings to this job listing powerhouse with just one click! This will definitely help someone find their next job directly using just the Google Search bar.

Candidate’s Journey

When a candidate starts searching for jobs on Google, job postings will be listed like this.

Once the candidate clicks on these job listings, they will be redirected to a Talkpush Job Landing Page to complete the screening questions.

Recruiter’s Journey

To get a job listed on Google, all the Main Campaign Settings (title, country, region), as well as the job description, need to be filled out. Then just toggle the Google Jobs listing in the Sourcing tab of the Campaign Settings, then click Save.

Candidates who completed the interview via Google Jobs will be added to the Talkpush campaign with Google Jobs as their source.

🚀 Learn more on how to track the sources of your leads on this article: Tracking Lead Sources.

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