Are you running a Referral Program or tracking a Custom Source using Typeform and Talkpush? You can add a custom Candidate Attribute to your forms to add an extra layer of data to the Candidate Profile and record specific information.

🚀 Use Cases:

  • Referral Program: Include a Referee Name Candidate Attribute to always know who referred a candidate.

  • Source: Include a Custom Source to track down where candidates engaged and filled out your Typeform.

The use cases are infinite and depend on you and your recruitment needs; get creative!

Here's how to configure it

  1. Go to your Typeform Main Window > Click on Logic

  2. Click on Advanced > Hidden Fields

  3. Click on Add a Hidden Field

  4. Edit the Hidden Field name (@hiddenfield) to anything you wish, two great use cases for Hidden Fields are Referrals or Sources, to track down the name of a Referee or a Specific Source, respectively.

  5. Once you've set a Hidden Field, you can find the link to share or advertise on social media on the tab Share.

  6. You'll notice your new link includes your Typeform standard link with an extra ending #hiddenfield=xxxxx the xxx is an editable field; the idea is to replace the "xxxxx" with the default value for the hidden field.

    For example: If your Hidden Field name is for a Referral Campaign and the value is Referee, you could replace the "xxxxx" with the name of one of your referees "Kay".

    🌐 The final URL will look something like this:ñKaB8n7#referee=Kay

  7. This data will be captured in Talkpush as a noneditable Candidate Attribute and will be populated in the Candidate Profile. Like so:

With this feature, you'll never miss a Referee a Specific Sourcing Channel, or another data point relevant to your process. Talk to your Account Manager or Support Agent to help you add this configuration to your Typeform forms.

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You can chat with our Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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