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Facebook Access Token Dashboard

Managing Facebook Page Permissions for Talkpush Integration

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To keep your Facebook Messenger bots running smoothly without any hiccups, it's important to regularly update their permissions. Facebook periodically checks and updates the permissions for third-party services, including Talkpush, to enhance security. With the Facebook Settings Dashboard this process becomes seamless.

This article will guide you through connecting your Facebook Pages, updating permissions, and disconnecting, if necessary, in a few easy steps.

Connect your Facebook Page/s

The first step to enable Messenger bots is to connect your Business's Facebook Page to Talkpush. Note that the process needs to be done by the Facebook Page/s Administrator. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to Company Settings > Meta Settings > Facebook

  2. Click 'Log in with Facebook', introduce your credentials, and select the pages you want Talkpush to have access to. Accept the permissions and Save.

  3. Upon a succesfull connection, you'll be redirected to the Talkpush Facebook Page Dashboard with the following Pages' Permission information:

    1. Name of the Facebook Page

    2. Facebook Page ID

    3. Permission Expiration Date

    4. Status

      1. Valid: The permission is valid.

      2. Invalid: The permission is invalid and to reinstate it you must log in (Step 1)

    5. Renew Button: Before the token expires you can renew it to ensure the continuity of the Messenger chatbot services.

    6. Disconnect Option: Click this option if you want to disconnect a Facebook Page (including the Messenger chatbot).

    7. Log Menu ⓥ: Shows the current enabled permissions and any movements performed by users to the specific Facebook Page.

Maintenance of Facebook Page permission access

Facebook requires third-party permissions to be renewed every 60 days to maintain access to its services.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Auto-Renewal Process: All access tokens will automatically renew 10 days before their expiry date. This ensures seamless access to Facebook services without manual intervention.

  2. Email Alerts: In the event of an auto-renewal failure, all Owners users will receive email reminders 7 and 2 days before the token expiry date as a precautionary measure. These alerts serve as a failsafe mechanism to prompt users to take action if needed.

  3. Notification Handling: If the auto-renewal process succeeds, users will not be notified, as it occurs in the background. However, if it fails, users will receive email alerts, as previously mentioned.

  4. Dashboard Updates: The status and expiry date displayed in the dashboard will reflect the changes upon successful auto-renewal. Additionally, the log will indicate the last renewal date in case of an auto-renewal.

The access tokens will automatically renew on their own. To see how much time is left until the next renewal, simply check the auto-renewal date tab. It will display the message: <Auto renews in x days>. This way, you'll always know when the tokens are set to refresh.

Aside from tokens expiring, Meta also invalidates tokens due to security concerns. This is usually due to an admin's change in password, FB's request that they reauthenticate, or other suspicious behavior.

Currently, Talkpush checks all access tokens every 12 hours to see if any have been invalidated by Meta since the last check. If there are invalid tokens, all users with Owner access will be notified via email.

When the email alert is received, users are expected to log into the dashboard by clicking on the Generate New Token button and go through the ‘Log in with Facebook’ process again for that page to generate a new token.

Disconnect a Facebook Page

You have the option to disconnect your Facebook Page from Talkpush at any moment. However, be aware that this will deactivate the Messenger Chatbot, resulting in the loss of all incoming traffic. It's wise to consult with your Account Manager before taking this step to ensure it's the best course of action.

When users click "Log In with Facebook," a pop-up message will appear, advising them to avoid deselecting any pages, as this will disconnect them. Any previously connected Facebook Pages will be automatically selected. If a user deselects a page, Meta will invalidate its token, causing the disconnection. To reconnect, simply log in with Facebook again and ensure to select the desired pages to keep them connected.

💡 Recommendations

  • Designate one teammate to own the Facebook Page Management to minimize errors or confusion among the team.

  • Monitor the dashboard continously to keep track of the expiry date and the validity of the permissions.

  • From this tab you can also create custom links for your Messenger Chatbots.


Q: Who can modify the permissions?
A: All users with Owner access can renew and deactivate tokens.

Q: Can other users log in to the Facebook Page from the Dashboard?

A: Yes, but only one can Manange the dashboard at a time. We highly encourage you to keep a single teammate in charge of logging in.

Q: What happens to previous permissions when I log in to the Facebook Page from the Dashboard?

A: The permissions are renewed upon login, so with each new login, a new set of permissions will be created.

Q: How long do Facebook Page Permissions last?

A: 60 days.

Q: What happens if I forget to renew the permission within the expiry date?
A: You will have to login again to reauthenticate the access and enable the permissions. Follow the steps here.

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