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Navigating the TalkScore Report
Navigating the TalkScore Report

Custom Language Assessment Report

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The TalkScore Report optimizes the comprehension of candidates' TalkScore results. This feature provides detailed insights into candidates' TalkScore results for easy review and offers a PDF export option with a link to the candidate's profile.

The report includes candidate application data, an overall language proficiency score with a radar chart, individual skill scores with explanations, and a narrative summary. It also features language assessment questions and responses, including audio playback.

How It Works

After a candidate completes their TalkScore language assessment, a report is generated and can be accessed from their Candidate Profile. The 'See TalkScore Report' option is prominently displayed below the candidate’s name, and all users with access to the profile can view the report.

Inside the Report

Candidate Application Data

The report will feature candidate application data, including the campaign name and application ID, along with personal details such as name, email, phone number, and geolocation. All this information is linked to the application, ensuring a comprehensive view of the candidate's profile.

Language Proficiency Score

An overall language proficiency score and level will be displayed, accompanied by a radar chart visually depicting proficiency in various language skills. These skills include pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, active listening, and comprehension, providing a quick reference for recruiters.

The interpretation of this chart will depend on the language skills you’re looking for. Companies hiring chat agents might prioritize comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. In contrast, those looking for voice agents might require a well-rounded language skill set, making all parameters on the chart equally important.

Individual Skill Scores

Each language skill will have a score and a detailed explanation. A narrative summary will also offer a holistic view of the candidate's language abilities, helping recruiters make well-informed decisions. For a better understanding of how the scores are obtained, click here.

Language Assessment Questions

The report will also include a list of all language assessment questions and candidate responses linked to each question, including text and audio. Recruiters will be able to play back audio responses directly within the report.

Exporting the TalkScore Report

As a recruiter, you can export the TalkScore report as a PDF for sharing or archiving, ensuring you have a detailed candidate proficiency overview. Users can export the report in PDF format, including all the details from the web version except for the complete Q&A section. The PDF will summarize each language skill, feature the radar chart, and include the candidate's personal and application details.

To learn more about TalkScore, please visit our TalkScore User Guide.

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