Here's Perry for a quick guide on editing the Candidate Profile.

On the candidate's profile view, click Edit Info.

You will see different categories for candidate data that can be edited.

1. Candidate's Basic Data (View)

Edit or add basic candidate information. Just type in the info you wish to update, and don't forget to Save.

2. Candidate's Application Data (View)

In the Application Details, you can complete the information by filling out the blank boxes. 

Source Error Banner

If you get the Source Error banner while editing the candidate's data, make sure to add the source, then hit Save to proceed with the update.

The Source is where the candidate applied for the job position (e.g., Messenger, Facebook Lead Ad, Indeed, etc.)

Moreover, you'll be able to identify in the chat history which user modified the source.

3. Candidate's Other Information

You may add or delete some other type of candidate's information. To add, click Add Information and edit the available fields.

To edit, click ✏️ on the desired Attribute and edit the available fields. Click Save.

To delete, click ✏️ on the Attribute, click 🗑, then confirm the deletion by clicking Yes.

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