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Facebook Policy Compliance: Custom Messaging Outside 24 Hours
Facebook Policy Compliance: Custom Messaging Outside 24 Hours
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We have deployed another feature in Talkpush that allows recruiters to send Facebook Messenger-related messages to candidates after 24 hours of interaction.

This is a solution we have that restores custom messaging to candidates using Facebook messenger in Talkpush about Facebook's recent policy update. 🙌

Here's how it works:

1. Select a candidate whose interaction with the bot has passed the 24-hour window

2. Type your message on the chat box or use any Quick Reply template

3. Press <send> (Make sure you are using the FB icon)

In the message panel, the recruiters will see this message after their original message.

"{Company Name} sent you an update about your job application. Type VIEW to view message."

This message contains the Facebook required tag "ACCOUNT UPDATE", which tells Facebook the message content is about an application update. Therefore, this allows the message to be sent to the candidate.

When the candidate replies "VIEW", the actual message will appear. This is because by typing anything, the candidate has reengaged the bot and a new 24-hour window appears, so any message can then go through.

📌 Important Notes:

1. When the recruiter clicks send, the circle will keep animating on the original message. Recruiter needs to refresh the page for it to show actual status (we'll fix this later on).

2. The status will show that message was not sent (Facebook icon is red). This is because it is not yet sent until candidate types View.

3. Recruiters may now send the following types of messages using the CRM outside 24-hours:

✅Completion reminder messages
✅Interview invitation messages
✅Interview schedule messages
✅Schedule reminder messages
✅Invitation to apply to another job/view other jobs available without rewards/freebies

We hope this little list helps you run smoother operations 🚀

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us by replying to this message or simply reach out to your customer success manager!

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