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SMS Usage Limit
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Have you ever experienced any service interruptions because your SMS cap has reached its maximum limit? Because of this dilemma, did you ever request to increase your SMS cap and be surprised to receive your SMS billing notice? 😲

This feature will help control your SMS consumption monthly or annually! Not only manage your SMS usage but also help you figure out if your current SMS package requires modifications.

Here is how! 👇


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who can modify the SMS usage limit?
    Only users with owner access can change the SMS usage limit.

  2. What is the default SMS limit?
    The SMS limit is set to 0.

  3. What happens when the client consumes 100% of their limit?
    The users will see an alert banner on the Leads page: "Alert—You have used up your SMS limit. Please contact Customer Success about the SMS Usage Limit."

  4. Can a single company operate multiple SMS lines?
    Yes, they can have multiple SMS lines. The recruiter can’t choose which line to use at the moment. Instead, we have a set of checkers:

  • It will fetch the SMS line based on the country of the campaign.

  • If number 1 is not found, it will get the first created SMS line.

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