In online recruitment, it's just as easy to engage a potential candidate as to make them lose their interest and stop responding to your call-to-action. Having dropouts signifies not only a talent drain but also informational gaps. Creating intelligent questions is essential, and so is developing a mechanism to get the answers to add to your pool of candidate data.

👀 So... what exactly is Typeform?

Typeform is a platform that focuses on creating dynamic surveys and forms to collect relevant data from different sources (in this case, candidates or employees). With an engaging method of information retrievement, they can bring questions to life through visual mechanisms made to impact. They aim to keep users attracted, so completion rates skyrocket.

🧐 Let's get a little technical to see how T+T works.

We connect Typeform to Talkpush through WebHooks (pieces of code that trigger automatic actions to receive information); by doing so, we create a link from Typeform to your company and a specific campaign in Talkpush. The questions you develop will be connected to Candidate Attributes (data points) in the CRM to help you organize, filter, and analyze the information according to your needs.

👏 Here's how integrating Typeform has impacted our clients' recruiting process.

  • We've collected additional data during later stages of the recruitment process.

    Once candidates are prescreened or interviewed, it can be challenging to gather more information from them. If your company needs an additional set of data, you can use Typeform to do so. For example, by sending a second round of questions to shortlisted candidates. The new responses will trigger an automatic update in the candidates' profiles, mapping the information to their Candidate Attributes.

  • We've used it as an alternate completion method to add candidates to Talkpush's platform.

    If your company needs a boost in candidate completion rates, we can use Typeform to create new candidate profiles by requesting their name, phone, and e-mail. If there are other questions included in the form, they will be linked to Candidate Attributes which will automatically upload to the new profile.

💡 Want some ideas? These are other uses you can give to your Typeform and Talkpush Integration.

  • Candidate Referral Program: Ask current hires to refer candidates to the organization. Use Talkpush to manage and analyze the employee's profiles, and keep them engaged in the process using Typeform to retrieve information interactively.

  • Turn events into lead generators: Are you hosting Open Houses or walk-ins? Will you be present at job fairs? Turn these into opportunities to increase your talent pool and lead intake. A terrific way to do so is by integrating forms using Typeform and advertising these in stands or posters with QR codes; your leads will scan the code, which will direct them to the form. It's a fabulous idea to personalize the forms to showcase your personal branding.

  • Keep employees happy: Connect with the employees by creating surveys to understand their satisfaction with the company or ideas to make the organization a better place. Implementing mechanisms to listen to the employees makes them feel considered and in sync with your organization.

💥 Are you interested in a Typeform integration? If so, please contact your Customer Success Manager; they will guide you through the process and assure an impeccable integration. 💥

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