Having a database that meets your standards is fundamental to manage your information alongside your corporate objectives. Users with Owner Permission or access to Company Settings will now be able to Manage Duplicates at a Company Level, allowing or preventing candidates from applying to multiple campaigns. Users with different permissions will also be able to manage duplicates on a Campaign Level.

🏢 Candidate Management on a Company Level (Owners Only)

The Company Settings Tab will now be the home to a new section called: Candidate Management. Within this section, you'll be given the possibility to toggle between the option of allowing or preventing candidates from submitting multiple applications across campaigns.

Allow Multiple Applications

With this configuration, recruiters are allowed to move candidates across campaigns, and applicants will be able to:

  • Apply to multiple campaigns.

  • Apply to the same campaign only if it is allowed via the campaign-level candidate management setting.

Prevent Multiple Applications
Applicants will:

  • Not be allowed to apply to multiple campaigns unless they are in the Hired/Rejected folder and their cooling period has passed.

🗂 Candidate Management on a Campaign Level

On a Campaign Level, you'll find two toggles with the option to Allow Re-application. You can configure according to the state (active/inactive) of the application.

☝️ Some considerations:

  • Allow re-application only if the current application is inactive: This option will be on by default, and it means the candidate can reapply to a campaign only if a certain amount of time has passed (Cooling Period), and if the existing application is in the Hired or Rejected Folder.

  • Allow re-application while the current application is active: It means the candidate can reapply at any moment.

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