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Talkpush Integrates With Workday to Deliver a Better Candidate Experience

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As technology rises and evolves, our compromise is to rise and evolve along; by doing so, we'll prove to you that our efforts to augment and be one with our customers are genuine and never-ending. We're announcing a game-altering allegiance: Talkpush and Workday integrate to deliver a seamless candidate experience and effortless recruitment workflow.

It just makes sense 🙌

The integration of Talkpush & Workday offers a wholesome experience for candidates throughout the entirety of the application process cycle while consistently boosting your company's workflow. We'll be able to send data to Workday that will allow us to do things like:

  • Creation of prospects: Potential recruits are identified as leads as soon as they interact with Talkpush. These are people who typically haven't completed the entire pre-screening process but have the potential to become candidates. This pool of leads can be imported into Workday and treated like prospects.

  • Creation of candidates: Candidates in Workday and Talkpush share the same concept, ​job-seekers taking an active role in your hiring process and having a profile associated with a job offer.

  • Job offer extraction: You may create and manage as many campaigns as you need with Talkpush; a campaign will almost always represent a job offer or requisition that can be sent to view and process in Workday.

  • Candidate status updates: Processed candidates in Talkpush (moved to a new folder, e.g., Hired or Rejected) will be updated and placed in a new stage in Workday. A timely data flow will take place to trigger various actions aimed to narrow the recruitment funnel.

  • Assessment score updates: If you're collaborating with an Assessment Provider to collect all of the essential information from your talent pool, it is possible to bring their scores from Talkpush to Workday for evaluation and processing. Keep in mind that this is a new integration for which you should speak with your CSM and discuss the feasibility.

💡 Pro-tip: For the ultimate automatization experience, remember to use AutoFlow to update candidates on Workday and Talkpush without human intervention.

It's all about the candidates ✨

By letting technology do all the work, it's easy to dehumanize work processes, and believe it or not, for some markets, this actually works; however, in recruitment, where humans are the core of the process, a humane approach is mandatory to get candidates excited and ready to embrace the automated experience.

At Talkpush, we focus on providing candidates the experience they deserve; by doing so, we make sure your talent pool floods by qualified prospects and the hires you make are the ones your business needs. So, when it's time to finish the process in Workday, you can rest assured that whoever lands the job will be the right fit.

By prioritizing the candidate experience, we provide a complementary solution to Workday, which is why this integration is valuable. The ease of applying for a job through their preferred social media and messaging platforms ​is what will have candidates knocking on your door.

We interact with applicants using the most popular digital channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, and so on), taking into account regional and role-specific candidate behavior. Additionally, we've invested our resources in artificial intelligence (AI) that ensures a human-like and engaging experience for potential hires.

In simple words: Integrating Talkpush with Workday allows you to sit back, relax, and let the talent speak.

🧩 Potential Use Case

A startup that has recently begun working with Talkpush is recruiting bilingual customer support agents; they collaborate with an Assessment Vendor to ensure candidates' English levels meet their standards.

The startup uses Workday, and they have requested Talkpush to assist them in integrating with the software while still assessing their candidates' English skills.

Talkpush agreed and began developing a complex workflow that addresses all potential integration scenarios; once each case has been covered and approved, Talkpush delivers the final flow, which is depicted in highly simplified terms in the diagram below:

Every business has unique requirements, and this is just one of the many ways Talkpush can integrate with Workday. Keep in mind that this diagram illustrates a simple flow that can and will differ for each client.

💻 How a Workday integration looks in Talkpush

A dedicated Workday Tab

When you integrate with Workday, you'll get a full dedicated tab that offers a complete visual display of the Job Requisitions pulled from Workday plus their corresponding shortcodes. These Job Requisitions are ready to be linked to Talkpush Campaigns.

The tab automatically refreshes on a fixed schedule, but you can also click the Fetch Jobs button to force a refresh of Job Requisitions and see the most recent ones added.

Available in Company Settings > Workday (Available for Owners only)

Linking Job Requisitions and Talkpush Campaigns Instantly

The list of Job Requisitions present on the Workday tab will be readily available on the Campaign Settings configurations to connect any Campaign to a Workday Job Requisition. When the Campaign and Job requisition are connected (1-1), the integration is activated, allowing the two platforms to talk to each other according to the terms agreed with your integration partner in Talkpush.

Available in Campaign Settings > Main Settings > Job Requisition

☝️ Remember: To implement a Workday integration, start a conversation with your CSM; they'll coordinate the following steps for the procedure to be analyzed and reviewed by the Professional Service team to ensure the best potential outcomes.

Note that for the Workday integration to work, the leads must have the following information in their profile:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

. . .

Now you know it. Handle your company's finances, operational analytics, corporate planning, and so on while attracting, hiring, and onboarding the best talent. Is this the match made in heaven you were hoping for? Precisely so.

🤔 Do you have any questions? We want to help! 💚

You can chat with our Product Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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