Tired of going through hundreds of documents for validation? Our OCR feature can save you time and energy by taking over the manual process of reading and checking candidate key documents. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image. It is commonly used to identify text in scanned documents and images.

Read ahead to find all the OCR feature can do for you.

How it works

The video below shows how OCR works; essentially, your documents will be processed (reviewed and validated), and the extracted data will reflect in the candidate's profile as Candidate Attributes.

Here's how Candidate Attributes will look like on the Candidate Profile (Example of NBI Clearance):

On the Documents, you can also easily see the status of OCR-enabled documents.
If the document is correct and acceptable it should be Verified, then Unverified
if otherwise. No status tagging means OCR did not run for that uploaded document.
Multiple uploaded documents should have their own individual status too.

In the Chatbox, you'll find the status of the OCR for each case.

✔ Here's an example of a document that was verified:

𝒙 Here's an example of a document that was not verified due to lack of image quality:

OCR Supported Documents

You can use the OCR feature for:

  • NBI Clearance

  • BI Report

  • SSS Document

  • TIN Document

  • PAGIBIG Document

  • PHILHEALTH Document

These are essential documents in the Philippines' onboarding process, and the list has only just begun, as we'll continue adding more documents to be supported.

Talkpush will confirm candidates' (varying from document to document):

  • First Name

  • Family Name

  • Remarks

  • Valid ID number

  • Closure Date

And from BI reports, we can even validate documentation according to the report's color (green means the candidate is good to go through the process).

Remember that a good image to process through OCR has:

  • Consistent Structure

  • Complete Image

  • Clear Visuals

Handwritten or blurry documents are bad examples to process through OCR, and we cannot guarantee optimal mapping results.

Want Talkpush to recognize a specific document?

Send your Talkpush Customer Success Manager an email with a few images in the attachment of the documents you want to see, or write to us at OCR@talkpush.com.

Note: This feature is available for clients who have acquired the Onboarding Solution. But it can be incorporated for all our clients; just reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more!

That’s all for now 🎉

Request this feature and focus on the chores that matter. Let us relieve your workload and concentrate on what is essential: the candidate's journey.

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