Lo and behold, a new Landing Page design is here!

While eyes are the windows to the soul, Job Landing Pages are the window to your company for candidates. You can now fully personalize them with the look and feel of your brand with a banner, color themes, completion screen, and a new type of form.

Landing Pages have some huge advantages: They are web and mobile-friendly, and serve as a quick way to prescreen candidates, request extra information, or survey them. Your candidates can choose the best way for you to contact them regarding the application; they can review and re-record their audio and video submissions, submit documents, and get redirected to your socials, all from the comfort of their phones.

To use the new design for a specific campaign, you can click on the toggle in the Sourcing section of each campaign.

A user with Owner access can also implement the new Landing Page design for all campaigns in Company Settings. Once you activate the new design for all campaigns, you will see some configuration options appear, where you can select a default Landing Page Type for all new and existing campaigns and a Default Banner.

👇 Here is a breakdown of what’s new

More branding to make the Landing Pages your own

Select your brand’s HEX color for the Landing Pages theme, add a Banner, redirect to your socials and use your brand’s voice with a customized completion message.

Choose a Landing Page Type to fit your style and needs

Select between a form with all questions displayed on one page and a one-question per screen form depending on your needs and your style. You can select a Landing Page Type per campaign (in Sourcing) or define a company-wide type that will be applied to all campaigns (in Company Settings).

Add a Banner that represents your brand

To use the new Landing Pages, you must add a banner of your choice. You can add a default banner in Company Settings which will be applied automatically to all Landing Pages. If you wish to change a specific one, you can still do so in the Sourcing tab of the campaign (unless you choose to disable this option, up to you.)

Candidates can now choose their preferred channel of communication

Candidates will now tell you where they would rather get updates about the process, leading to less work and higher response rates.

Customizable Completion Message

Customize your Completion Messages per campaign to fit your Employer Brand’s voice and the specific purpose of each campaign.

Add Call to Action Buttons in the Completion Screen

Redirect your traffic to your socials, a video portraying your company culture, or to any site you want after your candidates submit their applications. You can have up to 3 buttons active at once which redirect to the URLs of your liking.

These buttons will be displayed to candidates once they submit their application, giving them somewhere to go while they wait for you to get back to them.

Clickable Links on the Landing Page

You can now include hyperlinks on the Landing Pages that allow you to redirect candidates to a new website for purposes such as:

  • Taking a speed test

  • Visualizing a sample answer/instruction

  • Opening a video

  • And more

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