Ask for documents as part of your onboarding questions. Build your document templates to map the candidates' submissions to the proper document type.

I. To create a document template:

  • Go to Templates on the main menu.

  • Go to Documents.

  • Click Collect Document.

  • Input a Document Name (maximum of 70 characters).

  • Upload Sample if you'd like to guide the user on what the document should look like, or need to ask them to download a file, fill it out and upload the filled out document (PNG, JPEG, Doc, PDF, CSV).

  • Add Instructions that will be shown every time you request this document, so you don't need to keep typing the exact instructions (maximum 300 characters). Here you may remind them that each document should have a maximum of 10 MB.

  • Choose the Permission level – Full access means the document can be viewed/downloaded by anyone. Restricted access means only the Onboarding Admin can access the document.

  • Click Save.

II. To manage candidate's documents

Once a candidate submits the necessary documents, you can find them in the Document section of the candidate’s profile.

  • Go to Leads.

  • Search or filter the candidate.

  • On their profile, click the Documents tab.

  • If a file submitted is not what you are looking for, click the pencil icon to edit the document, and delete the file.

⚠️ Note: If the document links are in red when looking at the candidate's profile, it means the attachments are in another application for the same candidate. You may either go to the Other applications section of the candidate's profile to find them or check the chat history of the candidate to know which Application ID uploaded the said documents.

📌 Request Documents via Email or Chatbot with Attachment Tokens

You can request a single document through email or chat, and map the document to the correct template by using the <mail attachment token> and <chat attachment token>.

To use the <mail attachment token>:

  • Select the candidate you need to request the document from.

  • Compose a message, ended by <mail attachment token> (💡type ‘mail’ to pull up the token, then click the token or press TAB).

  • It will ask you to select a Document Type. Choose Attachment if you want the file to be saved in the Attachments section or a document template.

  • Confirm your action.

  • Select the channel where you'll send the message.

  • Click Send. Once sent, the message should look like this:

  • When the candidate sends the document to the email address, the document will be saved on the document template you specified.

To use the <chat attachment token>:

  • Everything is the same as the mail attachment token, except that when sent, the token will not contain an email address.

  • The candidate can send the document through chat, the document will be saved on the document template you specified.

📌 Download Documents from the Candidate Profile

Onboarding admins can download all submitted documents from the ‘Documents’ section.

I. To download an individual document:

  • Go to the candidate's profile.

  • Go to the Documents tab.

  • Select a document, and click on the file.

  • The file will open in a new tab. You can download the file from there.

II. To download all the documents at once:

  • Go to the candidate's profile.

  • Go to the Documents tab.

  • Click Download.

  • Documents will be compressed in a zip file with the file name.

🚀 Please note that if a file larger than 10MB is submitted, it will not appear in the Documents section of the candidate's profile, but it can still be downloaded via the chat history.

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