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Send Emails from a Custom Address

Send emails with Talkpush using your own email address

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You are more likely to open an email from a known sender than a stranger. The same applies in recruitment; candidates are more likely to open emails if they know it’s coming from a company they know and want to work for than from an unfamiliar email address. We’re launching a new feature that will allow you to configure your own email name and subdomain in just a few steps.

Main benefits

✅ Boost brand awareness among job applicants

✅ Reduce emails sent to spam folders

How to configure it

  1. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, letting them know you want to implement the feature. Additionally, provide them with the custom email address you’ll use. This is the format:

    📝 In green is the data you must provide to your Customer Success Manager.

  2. Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with the DNS Settings your IT team needs to configure in your company to grant authentication.

  3. Done! All the outbound communications sent through Talkpush will include your custom mail.

Email Requirements

  • The email domain must be a subdomain used by your company

  • The email cannot include special characters “.” “-” “_

Note: Once your custom email is added in Talkpush, an Unassigned Campaign will be created to absorb incoming emails from any source, acting as an Inbox. Additionally, we’ll record emails in the campaign.

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