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WhatsApp Direct Link
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Faster prescreening processes decrease candidate dropout rates and allow you to build a richer talent pool in less time. Through the WhatsApp Direct Link feature, you can minimize the application submission time by launching prescreening questions immediately when the candidate engages with the WhatsApp chatbot.

Here’s how it works

  1. First, select the campaigns where you want to use the WhatsApp Direct Link. Once you have them ready, the Talkpush team will create a unique trigger word (e.g. ApplyTalkpush4330) for the campaign and add it to the WhatsApp bot link.

  2. Click on the link and you will be routed to WhatsApp where you will see the trigger word in the message input box. Click on the Send icon.

  3. Once you send the trigger word, the bot will ask for the candidate’s name and email address.

  4. The campaign questions will start directly after the basic info is gathered.

Steps to Request a WhatsApp Direct Link

  1. List out the campaigns which would be using this feature and get in touch with your Support Agent to place a request.

  2. Our internal team will process your request as soon as they receive it.

  3. Your support agent will get in touch with you when the custom links are ready.

📝 Notes:

  • The WhatsApp Direct Link can only be implemented for a maximum of 10 campaigns per bot.

  • The link can also be turned into a QR Code, making it easier for recruiters to share it with candidates.

  • You can request WhatsApp share links for campaigns that are not listed in the WhatsApp chatbot.

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