If you have collected the candidates’ resumes and you need their profiles created inside Talkpush, no need for you to encode candidate information manually in a CSV file because you can directly upload these CVs all at once!

The Talkpush CV parsing tool will gather the important information (Name, Email & Mobile Number) of the candidate and will instantly create a profile inside the selected campaign.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Click the Leads Tab drop-down button and select Add Candidates, then Upload Resume.

2. Select the Campaign, specify the source and then choose the Resume file to Upload then click Continue.

🚀 Accepted files would be docx. & .pdf files. Images or .jpeg files are not allowed. It will not read a written resume or photocopies.

💡Note that recording uniform sources for your candidates will be helpful in tracking your records and for analytics.

🚀 You may upload multiple CVs at a time by holding on *ctrl* when selecting the files from your computer. A good number would be 20 resumes at a time.

A successful upload will show a ✔️ result, while failed one will display an ❌ mark.

💡There is a certain number of resumes that the Talkpush CV Parsing tool can parse based on your plan. To know about the limitations of resume uploading based on your contract, please reach out to your Support Agent.

🤔 Do you have any questions? We want to help! 💚

You can chat with our Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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