Do you need to organize your hires better? Talkpush's labels are definitely for you! In this Help Article, you will learn what Talkpush’s labels are and how to create and add them to your candidates’ profiles.

What are Talkpush’s labels?

Talkpush’s labels are labels you can add to candidate(s) for better visibility and categorization. As a recruiter, you might want to utilize this feature as this is just an easy way to organize candidates.

Use Cases

Labels are very useful when you want to:

  • Organize candidates according to their qualifications (e.g., English language proficiency)

  • Use labels as a filter when searching for a list of candidates

  • Use Autoflow to add labels

How to create a new label?

You may create your new label(s) by following the steps below:

  1. Under the Leads, drop-down, click Labels.

  2. Click Add Label.

  3. In the Type label title field, type the name of your label and click Save.

Note: To edit the label’s title, click 🖋. To delete, click 🗑.

When you decide to delete a label, you can choose to assign another label to candidates carrying the label you are about to delete. To do so, click the drop-down button and choose the desired label. Then, proceed with the label deletion by clicking the Delete label.

Now you were able to create your new label successfully. Let’s learn how to add them to your candidate(s).

Adding label(s) to a Single Candidate

  1. From the Candidate Listing under the Leads tab, select the desired candidate.

  2. On the Candidate Profile of the selected candidate, click🏷️ found below the candidate’s name.

  3. From the Select Labels drop-down, select the desired label(s).

    Note: You can delete a label by clicking on it and confirm the deletion by clicking Yes.

Adding label(s) to Multiple Candidates

  1. From the Candidate Listing under the Leads tab, click the profiles of the desired candidates or simply click ⚪ under the search engine.

  2. Click Assign Label.

  3. From the Select Labels drop-down, select the desired label(s) to be assigned.

  4. Click Continue and confirm your action by clicking Yes.


After adding labels to your candidates, you can now distinguish these candidates during your search by using the filter Label.

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