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Analytics: Usage

How much does your team use Talkpush?

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On this tab, you can gather data to determine if users are utilizing Talkpush. This user usage can be measured by four categories in a period, which show:

  • Number of Active Users

  • Screens/Applications

  • Parsed Documents

  • Communications sent to the candidates.

This tab has three sections which we'll talk about below, namely:

  • Date Filter

  • Usage

  • Usage Breakdown

Date Filter

Found at the topmost section of the Usage tab, this date filter allows you to filter the date range on when the activity is recorded. The default value is three months, but you can select data from the current month, the last 2, 6, and 12 months, and a custom range.


This section shows the overall count for each category based on the Date Filter.

  • Active Users. Count of recorded unique users based on the Date Filter.

  • Screen/Applications. Count of leads who completed their pre-screening process. This pertains to when the lead has completed their pre-screening process and not their Invitation Date. Data might not be the same as the other Dashboards due to timezone adjustments and date references.

  • Parsed Documents. Count of documents successfully processed to gather data points of a lead.

  • Sent SMS, Sent Facebook Messages, Sent Emails, and Sent WhatsApp Messages. Count of messages sent by recruiters or bots/automated from Talkpush to leads.

Usage Breakdown

This section shows the breakdown of usage data by month based on the Date Filter. Each Usage category has its graph for more comprehensive analysis. Examples of this analysis are shown below.

This graph shows that more users logged in to Talkpush in August, implying that more activity occurred during this month.


On this graph, most candidates completed their pre-screening process in August. This will tell you that more candidates had to be processed this month which could explain the increase in active users on the previous graph.

Parsed Documents

This graph shows that documents submitted by candidates were mainly processed in October. You can infer that, at this point, several candidates have been moved to the latter stage of the hiring process.


From this graph, you will know that recruiter and automatic messages were mainly sent in August through WhatsApp. However, this mode of communication changed in October, wherein Facebook Messenger was primarily used. This could tell you that there is a change in candidate preference regarding their preferred communication channel.


Hover your mouse over the bars of the graph to have a close look at the data labels.

You can also download the graphs as CSV, XLXX, and PNG by clicking on the download icon.

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