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WhatsApp Bot: Speak to a Human

Candidates can easily request to contact recruiters.

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WhatsApp Bot: Speak to a Human

Here at Talkpush, our chatbots are consistently trained to understand our users in any kind of setting. However, there are some instances that candidates come with complicated and uncommon queries that chatbots can’t thoroughly address and this is the part where we call in human assistance.

With that notion, we have made it easier for candidates to reach out to a recruiter with any concern. With this WhatsApp Speak to a Human feature, it will help recruiters receive questions from candidates and in turn, recruiters may be able to reply to them and answer their inquiry. The feature will provide a way to have a clear conversation on both ends.

🧐 How does this work?

1. In an interaction with a WhatsApp bot, candidates will type in keywords such as; Speak to a human, Talk to a recruiter. The chatbot will then capture that and respond by asking the candidate’s full name.

2. As the candidate replies, they will enter the WA Recruiter Assistance Campaign on our CRM. This is the campaign where we’ll store all candidates’ inquiries. Recruiters can reply to each question by simply replying to the candidate whenever they’re available.

3. The bot will now ask what the inquiry is about, and the candidates can proceed to respond with their concern.

4. Once that’s done, the chatbot will send out a confirmation message that we got their query with a notice that a recruiter will get back to them as soon as possible –giving an assurance to the candidates.

✍️ Note:

  • This Speak to a Human feature is available for all our WhatsApp bots.

  • This feature is available in 2 languages: English & Spanish.

  • Autoflow won’t override any pre-established information or bot settings. This means if the bot is on and a new message is sent, the bot will remain on, and similarly if the bot is off, it will stay off.

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