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Add a Standalone Company Privacy Policy Page
Add a Standalone Company Privacy Policy Page

Set up a pop-up screen in your landing pages showing your Company’s Privacy Policy

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The Standalone Privacy Policy will allow you to share with candidates a pop-up screen showing your company’s Privacy Policy before they start filling out their details. This will help your company show commitment to data protection and will increase candidates’ trust in the recruitment process.

How to Set Up the Privacy Policy Pop-Up Screen

1. Go to Company Settings. Note that only users with Owner access can edit the Company Settings.

2. Under the Landing Page settings, you will see the Landing Page Pop Up Screen panel.

3. Your Company's Privacy Policy should be in the text box. You can edit the text and the format using the formatting tools at the top of the box. You can also add images or videos to make the page even more interesting.

4. Then, once done don’t forget to hit Save.

Now that the page is already set-up before the candidates start filling out their contact information on the Landing Page they need would need to click on Continue to acknowledge the policy and proceed with the interview.

💡Note that if you leave this area empty, no pop-up screen will appear. There will just be a small tick box to and link that will redirect you to the page of the Privacy Policy. Read this article to help you set it up.

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