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Company Privacy Policy

Requiring applicants to opt into your company privacy policy

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In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), candidates are required to acknowledge Talkpush’s Privacy Policy as part of the application process. If your company requires your candidates to acknowledge your Company Privacy Policy, you can add the link to that in the Company Settings.

Watch Perry from the Product Support team on this quick video guide.

Add your Company Privacy Policy

1. Go to Company Settings. Note that only users with owner access can edit the Company Settings.

2. Scroll down and look for Privacy Policy, then enter the URL to your Company’s Privacy Policy in the text box.

3. Then, hit Save.

After adding your privacy policy URL, the applicants will automatically be required to opt-in for both Talkpush's privacy policy and yours, on all interview channels.

Here’s what it looks like on the candidate’s end:

Facebook Messenger

You Company’s Privacy Policy is on the link on the chatbot message while the button directs to Talkpush's policy. The candidate will have to click on the button I agree to terms to accept both policies.

Landing Page

Both your Company and Talkpush’s Privacy Policy will be available as hyperlinks on the landing page. They need to click the button I agree… to acknowledge both policies and proceed with the interview.

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