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Post-Application Flow: WAPro

Unique post application experience for every recruitment stage

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Our commitment to personalization doesn't end with the completion of an application. We know that what comes after is just as importantregardless of where the candidate is in the hiring process. That's why we make it our mission to create a positive and engaging experience for candidates at every stage, from the initial application to the final interview.

Post-Application Flow

Candidates will now get a personalized flow that corresponds to their status: Completed, Shortlisted, Rejected, Custom, Hired.

Whether a candidate is just starting out or has made it to the final round, we're committed to providing a personalized experience that meets their unique needs and preferences.

Depending on their current status, candidates can access the new flows by directly typing the following keywords: Hello, Hi, Restart, or Menu

For Candidates in the Completed Folder

Once candidates complete an interview and typed in Hi/Hello/Restart, the chat bot will display the completed post application flow:

Those who completed an application will access a more engaging and upbeat candidate experience.

  1. Candidates will be greeted by a custom avatar, followed by the following quick reply buttons; Prepare Documents, What’s Next, Company Culture, Application Status, Apply Again

  2. Candidates are encouraged to type in a number to access the related topics above.

For Candidates in the Shortlisted Folder

As soon as shortlisted candidates access their unique flow, the chatbot will be there to greet them and offer some "Helpful Tips" to get them started.

We've also included a handy "Next Assessment" call-to-action button that will keep candidates in the loop about what comes next.

For Candidates in the Rejected Folder

Candidates who did not make the assessment will get a different conversation. Instead of telling candidates that they were rejected right away, we gave candidates an opportunity to ask

their application status first


  • It’s important to treat rejected applicants with empathy and professionalism to maintain a positive candidate experience. With this flow revamp, rejected applicants will be notified that they were not selected for the position. The chatbot will also provide a brief explanation, if possible, as to why the applicant was not selected.

  • The chatbot can also provide encouragement to the applicant to continue their job search and to consider other opportunities with the organization in the future. It’s important to recognize that being rejected can be disappointing and difficult for the applicant. It should express empathy and understanding, while also remaining professional and respectful.

For Candidates in the Hired Folder

  • We kept it short and concise for hired applicants to let recruiters handle the next steps of the process. Here’s how it looks like when candidates interact with the chatbot once they get moved to Hired folder:

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