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Connect Lead Ads with Messenger to Improve 'Stickiness' and Speed of the Candidate Journey
Connect Lead Ads with Messenger to Improve 'Stickiness' and Speed of the Candidate Journey

Talkpush is the only platform that lets you capture information with Leads Ads and continue the interaction seamlessly on Messenger

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Talkpush seamlessly integrates Facebook Lead Ads with your Messenger bot, enabling continuous interaction with candidates within a single platform. This integration prevents candidates from having to switch between platforms, ensuring a smoother experience. Importantly, Talkpush recognizes when candidates come from Lead Ads, avoiding duplicate applications. The Messenger bot intelligently continues conversations without requiring candidates to resubmit information, streamlining the recruitment process.

Here are the top benefits for recruitment marketers:

  • Speeding up every interaction: Using FB Messenger means meeting talent in the best available channel; it shifts away from traditional channels such as email and phone calls, into a space with better response rates, quicker, and spam-free communication line, which means all future interactions with the candidates will go faster. The results are backed by our data.

  • Reducing Cost per Qualified Lead: While Facebook Lead Ads already offer competitive Cost Per Lead (CPL), many employers find subsequent conversion rates (e.g., landing page interactions, ATS applications, recruiter calls) disappointingly low. By maintaining the recruitment process within Facebook and reducing friction, conversion rates improve. Consequently, this enhances the Cost per Qualified Lead (CPQL), a more indicative metric than CPL, by streamlining the candidate's journey within a familiar platform.

  • Reducing drop-out rates: Asking candidates to navigate from Facebook to an external website and then to their email prolongs the recruitment process and often results in lower completion rates. Each additional step increases the likelihood of candidates deferring action or dropping out entirely. By integrating Lead Ads with Messenger, Talkpush allows you to collect all the candidates' information upfront and immediately test their communication skills. Candidates can promptly learn if they're shortlisted, and even receive a calendar invite for a final interview within minutes.

This article will guide you on configuring this integration and provide an overview of the candidate experience.

3 Steps to Set Up Leads Ads to Messenger

  1. When creating the Lead Ad Form on Facebook, select a customized Call-to-Action (CTA) in the Message for Leads section.

  2. Add the link to the customized CTA of the Lead Ad. The ref link structure should be:<FacebookPageID>?ref=event-lead_ad_submission

    Make sure to replace "<FacebookPageID>" with the ID of the Facebook page where the bot is connected. This can be obtained from the Assets/Pages section within the Business Manager.

  3. Once the Lead Ad is configured, use the Lead Ad ID and link it to the desired campaign through the Lead Ad Manager in Talkpush's Company Settings.

That’s it! The Lead Ad + Messenger Bot journey is now functional. If you are having difficulties with these steps, contact Product Support by clicking on the green bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

Candidate Experience

Here's how the flow looks from the candidate's end:

  1. The candidate applies through the Lead Ad on Facebook.

  2. After completing the Lead Ad form, the candidate clicks the Call To Action at the end, which redirects them to your bot.

  3. The Messenger bot recognizes the candidate as known and asks for their previously used email address in the Lead Ad form.

  4. The candidate enters their email address.

  5. The bot searches for a match in the database and launches the campaign questions for the candidate to answer.

  6. If by any chance the candidate's e-mail isn't recognized by the bot, it's most likely due to a typo or because they already have a conversation with the bot linked to a different email than the one used in the ad.

Note: To continue the full journey of your campaign, candidates must reach the stage where they provide their email addresses. You will find them in your unassigned campaigns if they haven't filled out their email address.

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