Are you using ATS or Job Boards to boost your recruiting processes? If so, you'll be happy to hear that Talkpush allows you to communicate with these platforms through Open APIs, through the encoding scheme: JSON. You'll be able to exchange information through these applications, manage your processes from a single screen, optimize your data intake, and interact with your candidates. After all, in recruitment, we're all part of an extensive ecosystem with the same goal: get people hired. So why not help each other out?

To begin your integrations, all you need is an API Key that will be used to send the signal to the desired application or platform, triggering the calls from one app to the other, asking, and retrieving the information you need.

There are multiple processes you can carry out with API integration. However, in this article, we'll go through our clients' most common API integrations.

  • Create a Candidate Profile using API

    You can import a candidate from another platform and create a unique profile in Talkpush. You'll be able to manage their applications throughout campaigns and folders. You must have an API Key from the platform.

  • Update a Candidate Profile using API

    When a Candidate modifies its information on other platforms, these changes will reflect inside Talkpush. For example, an e-mail, phone number, etc. Therefore, you can always have fresh information regarding your candidates' data.

  • Create a Campaign using API

    Each campaign represents a new job offering, so if you have job posts live on other platforms, you can import them to Talkpush using an API URL. Not all the information can be extracted; hence, you'll have to optimize some configurations inside Talkpush.

  • Update a Campaign using API

    Through these codes, you'll be able to update a campaign's information in Talkpush. If some of the data undergo modifications in other campaigns, they will reflect on Talkpush. Similar to creating a campaign, some data won't fully import using the API, so you will have to modify it in our platform.

You can configure these encoding systems in your company's back-end.

Once implemented, the programmed calls will function automatically for all your processes.

Generally, third-party applications, e.g., Postman, do the testing for Rest APIs. These collaborative platforms facilitate the APIs developing processes, from designing, simulating, correcting, and all the way to the final stage. That means you don't have to worry about a thing; it's all taken care of!

In Talkpush, we encourage third-party integrations, as we believe collaboration makes for seamless recruiting processes from beginning to end. Collecting the information that matters with specialized applications will make your information flow wholesome and ease your path to finding the perfect candidate.

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