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Linking Multiple Facebook Pages to Your Talkpush Account
Linking Multiple Facebook Pages to Your Talkpush Account

Learn How to Connect Facebook Pages to Your Talkpush Account

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Steps to take to connect multiple Facebook pages to a Talkpush account


  • On your Facebook account, you need business manager access to all the Facebook pages that you want to connect to the Talkpush account.

  • Your Talkpush user account requires Owner level access permissions

  1. Go to Company Settings > Facebook Settings. Here you can see the Facebook pages that the Talkpush account is currently subscribed to.

  2. Click on the LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK button and the new Window click Continue (or Edit Previous if you have recently logged in).

  3. Then you will see all the pages you have business manager access to; if they are not all selected, select all and then click Next. It's important to select all, even if you only plan to link one of them.

  4. Next, you'll see all the available permissions, select all and click Done

  5. You will see a confirmation page that you've linked the Talkpush Bot with Facebook; click OK.

Back in Talkpush, you can now see all the pages you have access to. Find the page that you want to subscribe to and click Subscribe. This page is now directly subscribed, and there's no need to save this action. This does not yet mean that the chatbot will appear on this page.

After completing the process of subscribing to the Talkpush account to the Facebook Page(s), please contact your Account Manager to connect your chatbot to the newly added Facebook page.

Add Campaigns on one or multiple Facebook Pages

This applies to all standard Stanley bots that pull the job openings dynamically from the CRM. For Custom Bots, the job openings are inserted into the flow by the Candidate Experience team.

1. Select a campaign then go to Campaign Settings > Sourcing > Facebook Messenger.

2. Click the drop-down button to select the FB page that you want the campaign to be added to. Then, click Save.
​3. Once saved, the messenger interview link will be activated for this Facebook page
​A green globe icon beside the link will signify that the campaign is now visible on the linked Facebook Page(s).

In the Campaigns, you will see the Chatbot as On after it has received its first candidate interaction.

Campaign Visibility
If you would like the campaign to not appear on the Facebook Messenger chatbot but still have the messenger interview link work to drive traffic to certain campaigns, you can do so by leaving the field Facebook Pages empty. 

The number of Messenger links that show up depends on how many Facebook Pages are connected to your company. For example, if you have 10 Facebook Pages linked, there will be 10 Messenger links by default.

Initially, the Facebook pages field will be empty, and the campaign will not be visible in the chatbot's list of campaigns.

Note: For every new Page on your list, you must click on Save.

Other considerations:

Inquiry campaigns: 

  • When the feature is released, all campaigns with the list as Inquiry toggle ON will be classified as Inquiry (if the type has not already been selected in Main Settings). Inquiry campaigns with this setting do not appear on the list of job campaigns  - but only on the list of inquiry campaigns when the bot displays them in the related flow (i.e., Speak to a Human) as long as the FB Page is associated with it.

  • Inquiry campaigns will be hidden from the chatbot if the campaign type is classified as Inquiry and there is NO FB Page association.

  • Inquiry campaigns will be public on the chatbot list of campaigns as long as the campaign type is classified as Inquiry and there is at least 1 FB Page association.

  • Going forward, we will no longer be using the Inquiry toggle in Sourcing as a valid setting; all inquiry campaigns must have the relevant campaign type selected, so the system knows how to differentiate the two behaviors (Job application vs. Non-Job application).

Recognizing duplicates:

  • When a candidate applies to the same campaign via two Facebook pages, he/she will be recognized as a duplicate profile

When subscribing to new pages 

  • It's important to select all companies in the process of Logging in with Facebook.

When using Messenger Tokens

  • When you use messenger tokens for companies where multiple FB pages are configured, the message will display the link to the FB page first configured on the campaign.

Non-Messenger sourced candidates: 

  • For candidates who are added from another source or manually, the default system we have in place is to send them an invitation email with a messenger link isn't going to work. This is because the campaign isn't turned on for the chatbot and is not linked to any Facebook page yet. 

  • If no Facebook page has been linked to that campaign, we'll use the company’s active Facebook page; if they only have one, and if they have multiple, we'll use the first active Facebook page set up on the account.

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