With the power of Talkpush to integrate into one of the leading social media networks in the world - Facebook, hiring candidates has become much easier as leads can complete the pre-screening interview via Facebook Messenger through our chatbot.

You need to begin by connecting your Facebook page to Talkpush. Once it's connected you can now link specific campaigns to your Facebook so that it will be available for the candidates to browse on Messenger.

For a quick walk-through, watch Perry from Product Support to help you!

How to link a campaign to a Facebook Page

1. Go to the Campaign list. Go to the Settings of the selected campaign.

2. On Settings, select Sourcing, then Facebook Messenger.

3. Choose the Facebook page you want to link the campaign to. You can select multiple Facebook pages to link your campaigns to. Linking Facebook page(s) means anyone who chats to your bot can see this campaign. For this campaign not to appear on the chatbot, leave this field empty.

4. This campaign will now be presented as job cards on Messenger. To make it more engaging, add an image to the job card by clicking +Add Image or change an existing image by clicking +Change Image

5. After hitting Save, the Messenger Interview link will be activated. Each of the Facebook pages connected will have a Messenger Interview link, and this link is unique for every campaign.

🚀 The Messenger Interview link is a URL you can share anywhere that instantly takes the applicant to the job card for the chatbot interview. (so they skip all the “welcome” chats). You can post and share it anywhere (even outside of Facebook) to generate direct applications.

Here's what it looks like on the candidate's end. Try it for yourself! Click on this messenger interview link to test it.

🚀 ⚠️ October 2022 Update: SMS containing links will not be delivered within the Philippines. This will be enforced until the SIM Registration Bill is implemented in 2023. For messages containing links, prefer our other messaging channel if you're based in this geography.

By default, messenger-sourced leads automatically have the source name Messenger, in their profile. But now, there is already an option for you to edit the source name.

You can also create custom source names to track the source of each candidate. With custom sources, you can easily filter candidates based on which source they have started their application with. Moreso, you can assess the performance of each advertising source.


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