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The Job Listing Page

Search all available jobs in just one page

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The job listing page helps candidates explore and apply for job opportunities in your company. You can select the job application campaigns to be included in the list and let candidates apply through their respective landing pages.

Add Campaigns to the Job Listing Page

1. Go to the Campaigns Tab and select a campaign or job opening you want to add to the Job Listing Page.

2. Click on the three dots or the more option on the right side of the campaign, then click on Campaign Settings.

3. On the Basic Settings, toggle the Publish Campaign on the Job Listing Page button.

Set up the Job Listing Page

1. Go to Company Settings and select the Job Listing Page tab.

2. Add a page header title to your Job Listing page. By default, the text is Search through Job Openings for <Company Name>. (Maximum of 60 characters)

3. Upload a banner to make your Job Listing page more attractive. This banner can be jpg, jpeg, or png, with a size of 1280 x 400px.

5. Copy the link to the Job listing Page and share it with your candidates.

The Job Listing Page

1. Search and Filter - You can add Keywords and filter Locations to specify your search. Click on the Remote checkbox to show jobs that are tagged as Remote in campaign settings as well as those with the word Remote appended on the job title. Then, don’t forget to hit Search.

2. Job Overview - This section shows the title, location, and a short description of the job. The list will show a maximum of 10 jobs per page.

3. Apply Button - This button will redirect candidates to the landing page to complete their application.

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