🧠Learning Outcomes:

  • Add campaign in the job listing page
  • How to access the job listing page
  • Segments of job listing page

📌Why is it important?

Candidates can easily check all the company openings in one place. The job listing page helps the candidate quickly search through all available jobs without giving prior personal information. Candidates can apply for the job of their choice through the website.

📝Use Case

  1. The client wants to showcase all their openings in one go to their candidates.

⚙️How to configure it?

I. How to add a campaign on the job listing page?

Step 1: Select a campaign

Step 2: Go to the campaign settings

Step 3: On the Main settings tab, make sure that the campaign type is set to "job application".

Step 4: Scroll down and click on the Save button once done.

II. How to access the job listing page

Step 1: Log in Talkpush
Step 2: Go to company settings
Step 3: Copy the link from the career site

Step 4: Open a new browser, paste the URL then press the enter key.

Welcome to the job listing page!

III. Segments of the job listing page

A. Job Listing Banner

It can be customized by uploading an image in company settings> upload logo-web. The suggested size for the banner is 2880 x 108.
(Note: If there is no custom image in the banner section, the system will automatically use the company logo as a banner)

B. Job filters

This allows candidates to filter vacancies based on the job title and location.

C. Search button

Make sure to click on the button after selecting the filters.

D. Page Selector

Use these buttons to switch between one page of the job listing or another.

E. Job Overview

This section shows the title, location, and a short description of the job. For the job salary, the candidate needs to apply first to know the salary package.

F. Apply button

This button will send the candidate to the web form where will can complete your online interview for the selected vacancy through the website.


  1. Where can we include the job listing page link?
  • Recruiters can include the job listing page link in their online job posts and SMS blasts.

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