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Setting up the Recruitment Center

This article will show you the full functionalities about how the recruitment center works

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The Recruitment Center helps recruiters schedule candidate interviews more efficiently. Recruiters can set up how many interview slots they can handle each hour at a specific location (recruitment center). Candidates can then pick a schedule with available slots. This way, recruiters can concentrate on the interviews without stressing about the number of scheduled candidates or who will show up.

For candidates, it means less waiting time since they know their schedule in advance, avoiding the uncertainty of waiting on-site for an interview schedule.

📝 Use Cases:

  1. The client wants to create a recruitment center that will allow the candidates to set up appointments on a given day and time.

  2. The client wants to link the recruitment center to their campaigns.

Create a New Recruitment Center

1. Go to your Company Settings, and on the left pane, select Recruitment Centers.

2. At the bottom of the recruitment center list, click Add Recruitment Center.

3. Fill out the required details.

Recruitment Center Name - Most users set their recruitment center names based on the job location. (e.g., CSR Manila or CSR Mexico City)

Custom Message - The custom message will be included in the confirmation message. This message is optional and will be sent once the candidate has confirmed his/her interview schedule.

Notes - these are only visible to users. Use this to leave keynotes to your colleagues. (e.g., You can add the opening hours set up for this center.)

Opening and Closing time - You can easily adjust the opening time and closing time; this adjustment will show on the weekly slots you need to activate after this step. (e.g., I will adjust the opening and closing time to 9 AM - 3 PM only)

4. Once done, click Submit.

Allocate Weekly Slots

1. Go to your Recruitment Centers list and select one then click View.

2. Type in the number or click the arrow to set the number of slots you are opening for a window. You can also Disable or Enable all slots by clicking on the buttons.

3. Once done, click Save.

Edit the recruitment center

1. Go to your Recruitment Center list and select one then click Edit.

2. Edit the fields you need to update.

3. Click on Submit to save your changes.

Link a campaign to a recruitment center

1. On the Campaign list, select and go to the Campaign Settings.

2. On the Main Settings, choose the Recruitment Center to be linked to the selected campaign.

3. Then, click Save.

Share the recruitment scheduler link

1. On the chatbox, compose your message.

2. Next, insert the scheduler link token.

3. Click Send to deliver the message.

Candidate Experience

Upon clicking on the scheduler link, the candidate will be redirected to the screen where they can set up their appointment. As more candidates select their preferred time window, the slots get filled up dynamically. Once all the slots are full for a certain day/time window, future candidates will not be able to select that option, instead, the candidate will have to select the next available day/time window (thereby avoiding overbooking).


1. When allocating weekly slots, you can set the current week as the default week for the proceeding weeks to have the same slot allocation.

2. View the Appointment Details on the candidate profile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will the candidates receive a reminder anytime after setting up an appointment?

  • An automatic reminder will be sent to them a day before their scheduled interview, and another reminder at 8 AM of the schedule. This reminder is hardcoded and hence cannot be modified by the recruiters.

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