This is the section where you set up the recruitment centers and subsequent footfall capacity for each center so that Talkpush can automatically schedule candidates for their onsite interviews. 

The Recruitment Center tab allows you to specify hourly interview slots (depending upon floor space, interview rooms, personnel, etc.) and you can also turn off fixed days where you don't have recruitment operations. Each slot is equivalent to one candidate interview.

This "how to" article will show you each step on the following.
A. Add a new recruitment center
B. Set up weekly available slots
C. Edit the recruitment center
D. Link a campaign to a recruitment center
E. Candidate experience on confirming their schedule

Now, lets begin!

Add a new recruitment center

Step One: Go to your company settings and select Recruitment center

Step Two: At the bottom of the recruitment center list, select Add Recruitment Center

Step Three: Fill out the required details

A. Recruitment Center Name:
Most commonly, users set up the name based on the location.
EG. Philippines, Berlin, Mexico etc. Or, you can use cities as well. 

B. Custom Message:
The custom message will be incorporated in the confirmation message.
Please see image details below. (This message will be sent once the candidate has confirmed his/her interview schedule)

C. Notes:
Notes are only visible to users. You can easily add a note to help co users understand more about this recruitment center.
EG: You can add the opening hours that was set up for this center.

D. Opening and Closing Time
You can easily adjust the opening time and closing time, this adjustment will show on the weekly slots which you will need to activate after this step.

EG: I will adjust the opening and closing time to 9AM - 3PM only

Set up weekly available slots

Step One: Go to you Recruitment Center list and view the campaign you intend to allocate slots

Step Two: Follow the GIF below. 👇

You can set the current week to the default week as well. 

Link a campaign to a recruitment center

Step One: Go to your campaign list and select the campaign you wish to link the recruitment center

Step Two: Go to you leads and send the Scheduler Token to the candidate

Candidate Experience

Scheduled data is now in the candidates profile. 

That is it! Hope this full article of the recruitment center has helped you understand the functionality. 😊

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