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Facebook Messaging Policy: Message Content Do’s and Dont’s
Facebook Messaging Policy: Message Content Do’s and Dont’s

Guidelines on what to include in your messages for candidates

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In March 2020, Facebook released an update on its Messenger Platform Policy, with specific guidelines on how to engage with your audience. In line with this, Talkpush has made certain adjustments on how we deliver updates/messages to your candidates in compliance with this new policy. If you wish to read more on this, click here.

For this article, we want to share with you some specific examples of what message content/format is allowed by Facebook and those that are not -- which may result in penalties, suspension, or your Facebook page being blocked.

✅ Allowed Content

Ideally, businesses are encouraged to respond within 24 hours to those users who initiated the interaction. Promotional content is allowed, but only within this timeframe and in a specific format. Here are some examples of user actions that open the 24-hour window;

  • User sends a message to the Page

  • User clicks a call-to-action button like 'Get Started' within a Messenger conversation

  • User clicks on an link with a ref parameter on an existing thread/clicks on a Messenger link in an email or SMS

  • User clicks on a Click-to-Messenger ad and then starts a conversation with the Page

  • Clicks on a button on the Main Menu

  • Clicks on a post-back button on a message

  • Clicks on a quick reply

Disallowed Content

After the 24 hour window, businesses are not allowed to send promotional content, including (but not limited to) offers, coupons, rewards, etc. Messages with dates, time, addresses, symbols like $ or #, phone numbers, any mention of salary, or any monetary value are also not allowed as these can be deemed promotional too.

Examples :

While engaging with your candidates within the 24-hour period is highly encouraged, in reality, this may or may not always be possible.

Talkpush has leveraged on using message tags that would prompt candidates to reply which would then refresh the 24-hour window. While Facebook messaging has some limitations, there are still other messaging channels (SMS, Email, Whatsapp) available in Talkpush for you -- we suggest to also maximize these too.

📣 Additional Reminders

  • Avoid Spamming - Do not send the same message more than once if possible. Sending the same message content multiple times will be flagged as spam by the candidate, if not by Facebook.

  • Space out the timing of your messages - Instead of sending multiple messages in a short span of time, compress the message into one chat bubble or wait at least 24 hours to send a second message if the candidate has not responded.

  • Avoid odd hour messaging - Avoid messaging candidates at hours when they do not expect a business to contact them. This can lead to candidates deleting the conversation or blocking your business page.

We hope this serves as a guide to help you maintain a smooth conversation with your candidates, and ensure that your company is in compliance with this new Facebook messaging policy.

Don't hesitate to reach out to your Talkpush Customer Success Manager or anyone from our team should you have any questions!

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