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Enhance your Candidates Journey with Talkpush's Web Bot

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Do you want to provide a convenient and friendly experience when a candidate starts browsing your website's career page? Worry no more, as this can be made possible with our candidate-friendly Web Bot! Our Web Bot is designed to keep your candidates engaged with your brand right from your website.

What is a Web Bot?

A Web Bot is a bot integrated into your website to perform automated tasks such as providing relevant information to candidates, for example, FAQs. It’s useful to handle repetitive tasks faster than an average human.

What makes Talkpush’s Web Bot unique?

Talkpush’s Web Bot is specifically designed to improve your candidate experience. Hence, we made sure that:

  • It is fast and responsive.

  • It is reliable enough to answer candidates’ inquiries, eliminating their need to search for your active social media platforms.

  • It takes away the hassle of filling out the long form of your career page.

  • It has a friendly dialog flow to attract your candidates to engage with your website, creating an opportunity to focus on your brand.

  • It can be customized according to your needs.

  • It can automatically manage your pre-screening process (i.e., collecting Resumes and other documents) within your website.

Do I have options?

Currently, we offer two types of Web Bots: the Basic Web Bot and the NLP Web Bot. The main difference between these Web Bots are as follows:

  1. NLP Web Bot: This type of Web Bot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, wherein the bot can understand a user's messages without following a specific flow. This means that the bot will be able to answer questions according to how it is configured and trained.

  2. Basic Web Bot: This type of Web Bot does not use NLP technology compared to the NLP Web Bot. This bot is recommended to recruiters who are not depending too much on their website to gather leads.

How does it work?

Our Web Bot can handle website visitor inquiries and job applications. When integrated into your career site, a Web Bot message will pop up every time a candidate visits this site, and they can engage with the Web Bot by clicking the message icon.

A candidate can apply for a job through the Web Bot by answering the questions and providing the necessary information and submissions.

The recruiters can also access the leads coming through the Web Bot in Talkpush, just like other lead sources like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Moreover, applications from the Web Bot can be distinguished by looking at the Source of the candidate’s profile.

Lastly, all applications through the Web Bot can be tracked by using the “Source” filter.

How do I change a question or candidate attribute for my Web Bot?

Questions and assigned candidate attributes can be changed on your Campaign settings, but to change them in the Website Bot, contact your Account Manager to request an internal synchronization.

How to connect your Web Bot to your website?

To integrate your Web Bot to your website, simply copy and paste the code provided by our developers to the <body> section of your website. Then, refresh your browser. The Web Bot should now be ready to engage with your website visitors.

🤔 Do you have any questions? We want to help! 💚

You can chat with our Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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