Employee Referral Programs (ERP) is a task that takes a lot of tracking and manual work. As always, Talkpush can help you improve your referral process to have your candidates reach out to you seamlessly with the use of its integration with Typeform.

What is Typeform?

Typeform is a platform that focuses on creating dynamic surveys and forms to collect relevant data from different sources (in this case, candidates or employees).

💡 Discover more about what Typeform can do by clicking here.

How to set up an ERP?

1. Set up a Single Time Engagement Campaign which will serve as a bucket for all your employee referrals.

2. Next, in the Message Settings, make sure that the invitation message was set up correctly. This is the message that will be sent to the referrals once their profile is created inside the Employee Referral campaign. You may either send the messenger interview link or the link to the landing page.

Every profile added to the Referral campaign via the Typeform should be sent the invitation message to complete and proceed with their application.

3. This time, you may reach out to your Support Agent to create a Typeform.

Compile the list of questions to be asked regarding the employee referral (these will added as Typeform questions and not as campaign questions.)

🚀 Here are sample questions you can add to your employee referral form:

  • Referrer’s complete name

  • Referrer’s mobile number

  • Referrer’s company email address

  • Referrer’s role/position/employee number

  • Referral’s first name

  • Referral’s last name

  • Referral’s phone number

  • Referral’s email address

Your Support Agent will then link the Typeform to the selected campaign through Webhooks (pieces of code that trigger automatic actions to receive information).

When an employee completes the referral Typeform, Talkpush will create a candidate profile inside the Referral Campaign.

🚀 The questions from Typeform can be linked to Candidate Attributes (data points) in Talkpush to help you organize, filter, and analyze the information according to your needs.

Once the setup is complete, your Support Agent can generate a QR code linked to the Typeform that you can use for internal email blasts or posts on your company pages and from here, all you’ll have to do is wait for your referrals to come in!

If you are interested to setup an Employee Referral via Typeform in your recruitment process, reach out to us.

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